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    Arizona Elk Society Banquet

    Yep. We get the pleasure of your presence at our table this year!! Looking forward to another great time this year. See you guys tomorrow Houston. We will be sure to look for those of you who are also attending, oh and you to Christian.....
  2. haywire

    Honda 200 ATC

    PM sent! Thanks
  3. haywire

    Quad / ATV Stuff

    PM sent! Thanks
  4. Would love to make the trip down to help, but it was not scheduled very well..... There are juniors hunts this weekend.. Daughter has a juniors deer hunt starting tomorrow. Maybe next time
  5. You may want to pull up the regs online or call them..... The hunt is not "any wmat unit" it is basically all the units to the east, units 1-5. You can scout on your own but it is only a certain number of days prior to the hunt, like a week or two, can't remember for sure. Richard
  6. haywire

    Lab puppys

    More info please.... Bloodline, parents, etc etc etc, price? Anything?
  7. haywire

    Carp Contest?

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Now thats funny right there!! Richard
  8. haywire

    Couple rifles for sale...

    Anyone..... anyone? Talked to a few of you guys, thanks. But no takers yet. Richard
  9. haywire

    Couple rifles for sale...

    Well, I have a couple guns I do not need and will most likely never shoot. I don't really need to sell them, but if somebody here would use them, then it's better than sitting in the cabinet. Don't know if anybody would be interested at all in these or not but here ya go. Both of these rifles are brand new, never been fired. Stevens 30/06 bolt action kinda grey synthentic stock, no scope. Savage 7MM bolt action black synthetic stock, no scope. Not much of a gun guy and not sure what they may be worth, so if you are interested, let me know. If anyone needs anymore information or pictures, let me know and I will do what I can. Thanks, Richard
  10. haywire

    Black Widows

    Yes price on recurve please.... Richard
  11. haywire

    Slik Tripod

    I have the Slik PRO 713CF and love it! The carbon fiber is lightweight and easy to carry.
  12. haywire

    cell phone amplifier?

    Thats the unit that I have. Well worth the money, except I did not pay that much for it. Works much better than just the antenna alone.
  13. haywire

    New to site ! Trail cam photos

    Great pics!! Thanks for sharing and welcome!! Richard
  14. haywire

    A few critters from today

    That coyote pic is classic!! Thats some funny stuff. Richard
  15. haywire

    Personal best?

    My thoughts exactly. I have a problem waiting for the big one.. All I have shot are little ones, the biggest being a 3x3 with no eyeguards. I get to try it again this year, maybe I will have more patience!! Richard
  16. haywire

    July 14-27 Covert II pics

    Good stuff right there Scott!! Thanks! Richard
  17. haywire

    calling elk

    The call that I like the best and have had the best luck with is this one. "here elk, here elky elky, here elk" You can use it loudly at first for a locater, then tone it way down with your hands when they are in close. Had lots of luck with that one. Sorry, I am in that kind of mood today, I couldn't resist!!
  18. haywire

    Couple rifles for sale...

    PM sent. Vinihunt. Thanks Richard
  19. haywire

    Couple rifles for sale...

    Here are a couple pics and info off the guns. Stevens Model 200 30-06 SPRG Savage Model 111 7MM Rem Mag
  20. haywire

    New Pics!

    Nice pics, thanks for sharing. Good luck putting an arrow in that guy!! Richard
  21. haywire

    Native Resident proposal

    Ummm, thats pretty much what I was saying, but thanks for the lesson of the day... I think everybody knows how they work and what they maybe are supposed to do, but thats not always what happens, like we both said, it's luck of the draw. There are plenty of things they could do that would be better than the current system. I am and have always been for a waiting period, you draw a bull tag or a premium tag of any kind, you can't put in for two or three years. Those of us that wait alot longer than that it wouldn't make a difference anyway..
  22. haywire

    Native Resident proposal

    You got that right!!! I have guys I know that get drawn for the same unit I put in for almost every year and I just get another point YAHOO! I agree. That shows a huge problem with our system and that points mean nothing. It's all luck, and I don't see this proposal doing anything to help. I know a couple of guys that drew archery bull tags 3 years in a row, thats wrong!! Richard
  23. haywire


    I wish I did, even though it's not nearly as good as some others, it's still my favorite and probably the unit I know the best. Lots of pics from that unit. Good luck!
  24. haywire

    Native Resident proposal

    Not sure I would be behind this or not, it would take a lot of discussing and ironing out lots of details before I would back it. Besides, like most on here said, G&F aint gonna buy it, it does not benefit them in any way. Anyways, our draw system is a mess and bonus points mean nothing, it's all luck of the draw anyway. F.Y.I. The loyalty bonus point is given to you for applying at least once for that species for five years. It has nothing to to with successful or unsuccessful attempts. R12-4-107 Bonus Point System A. For the purpose of this Section, the following definitions apply: 1. “Bonus point hunt number” means the hunt number assigned by the Commission in a Commission Order for use by an applicant applying only for a bonus point for a genus identified in this Section; and 2. “Loyalty bonus point” means a bonus point awarded to an individual who has submitted a valid application for a hunt permit-tag or a bonus point for a specific genus identified in subsection B at least once annually for a consecutive five-year period.