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  1. Here's the link... http://www.cabelas.com/product/VORTEX-INTREPID-SPOTTING-SCOPE/2347382.uts Do any of you guys know much about these? Are they really comparable to the Viper Hd? Thanks, Matt
  2. With the added vestibule and a good stove, this tent is worth every penny. The set up is easy and the tent doesn't weigh a ton. Definitely a quality purchase.
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    @mattjsckson I sent you a pm
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  7. Tent has been sold. Ty
  8. Hey guys, 100 dollar price drop. That makes the asking price 1050. Trades are still considered. Thank you!
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    Winchester Model 94 in 30-30, 20",

    One of my favorite guns to shoot! Whoever buys this will love it
  10. Yea, i definitely love it. I thought about keeping it for out of state hunts that fell during warmer season so i wouldn't have to haul the trailer.... but in all reality it'll probably just spend more time on the shelf in the garage not being used. Ha ha.. I would rather see it go to someone who will get use out of it.
  11. Hey guys, I have got a Cabelas Alaknak 12x20 tent with the add-on vestibule for sale. We bought a trailer and no longer need the tent. The tent itself has been used 3 times and the vestibule was only used once during the late elk hunt this past year. I also have a little cheap(y) wood stove to go along with it. If anyone is seriously interested in the tent, I have no problem setting it up for you to see. I attached two pictures. The picture of just the tent itself minus the vestibule is my actual tent. The second one is not- but it shows you exactly what it looks like with the add on. I just didn't have a picture of it. Asking price is 1150 for all. Trades could also be considered. Thanks, Matt