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  1. eastvalleyjerry

    Horny Toads

    always like finding those little guys. didn't see any this year
  2. eastvalleyjerry

    Jerky & Sausage Buck

    That's like grinding up Veal haha. Cool you got it done with a pistol. Nice job!
  3. eastvalleyjerry

    Unit 22 in the Thick

    Very nice.
  4. eastvalleyjerry

    Tried to film my coues hunt....

    Nice video and deer. Good Job.
  5. eastvalleyjerry

    Quick morning hunt

    I want one. Nice work!
  6. eastvalleyjerry

    Elk Loin

    Looks good. There are a lot of ways to cook it whole or in chunks which i think is better than steaks. Just have your meat thermometer and pull it at the correct temp to make sure you don't over do it.
  7. eastvalleyjerry

    2 for 2 Oct hunt

  8. eastvalleyjerry

    Finally got a good one...

    Awesome! Good work
  9. eastvalleyjerry


    A friend of mine is looking for a standard poodle stud to bread with his golden doodle. Let me know. Thanks,
  10. eastvalleyjerry


    Exactly what it means. No trickery here. Changed to DELETE
  11. eastvalleyjerry

    first year hunting in AZ, opinions welcome

    There are no deer in 23 anymore
  12. eastvalleyjerry

    Slik tripod

    Just ordered an extension for my tripod. Those guys at SLIK are quick, great customer service. Looking forward to not having to stand so awkwardly anymore.
  13. eastvalleyjerry


    Gold standard makes a pretty good pre-workout
  14. eastvalleyjerry

    Unit 10 Cow elk

    I'm sure they would be in the same spot your "hubby" saw them on the early hunt....
  15. eastvalleyjerry


    that sucks
  16. eastvalleyjerry

    400+ on 23 archery?

    yeah doesn't look like any where near Colcord Campground. nice bull though.
  17. eastvalleyjerry

    Day 13 Bull...EDIT with pic of Euro almost done

    Awesome bull congrats! Really cool fronts
  18. eastvalleyjerry

    Trespassers Will Be Shot Part 2

  19. eastvalleyjerry

    how to train your bass

    fish whisperer is the man
  20. eastvalleyjerry

    Unknown scat

  21. eastvalleyjerry

    Bull Elk are Tough!!

    thats crazy. yeah post a pic
  22. eastvalleyjerry

    Just a little overkill

    Hahaha thats ridiculous. Congrats
  23. eastvalleyjerry

    Garmin GPS Map 60Cx Like New! SOLD!

    Interested as well if buffhunter ends up not taking it.