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    Coyote Down

    That's cool. Thanks
  2. eastvalleyjerry

    Coyote Down

    Ya both eyes were popped out, it was ridiculous looking. He has a great coat compared to others i have shot so figured it might be worth it this time. Thanks for the input. (Kindly direct me to the dump)
  3. eastvalleyjerry

    10mm HAM opening day

  4. eastvalleyjerry

    Dad's Lion

  5. eastvalleyjerry

    Strategy for the upcoming shed season

    don't forget your flat brim hat and plenty of mountain opps
  6. eastvalleyjerry

    Nice Couse Sheds

    Lucked out and stumbled upon this set of sheds this weekend. Any guesses on score? They have good mass and wrap way around.
  7. eastvalleyjerry

    2018 archery coues

    Very cool
  8. eastvalleyjerry

    Nice Couse Sheds

    I got 102" with a guess of a 12" inside spread
  9. eastvalleyjerry

    Nice Couse Sheds

    Ya i'll measure them tonight.
  10. eastvalleyjerry

    State's Worst Javelina Hunter, title remains intact!

    I'm up there with you as one of the worst Javalina hunters around. I usually never even see any and just go look for deer. This year wounded one the first weekend and then this weekend had some vanish on me after i spotted them. Better luck next year
  11. eastvalleyjerry

    Now What . . .

    I wounded one myself this year. Made what looked like a great shot but those things are tuff, no way i would crawl in that hole.
  12. eastvalleyjerry

    Nice Couse Sheds

    I bet you would woody! Pretty sure he made it through the year, watched a big buck with the same looking rack rutting some does on the hill behind me in the picture. No chance with the bow.
  13. eastvalleyjerry

    Ramen and pho

    That all looks really bomb. Good stuff!
  14. eastvalleyjerry

    KUIU ICON Pro 5200 New

    Bag only
  15. eastvalleyjerry

    KUIU ICON Pro 5200 New

    Putting this up for a good friend. Brand new, never used. Asking $190 OBO. Please feel free to text or call 48zero23nine57two6 with any questions. Thanks,
  16. eastvalleyjerry

    Eletronic call

    Got the foxpro Inferno and the jumping jack attachment. Works well
  17. eastvalleyjerry

    Find The Elk

    Not the best picture but i thought some of you may like it. Hope everyone has a great year.
  18. eastvalleyjerry

    One Down One More to GO

    Two of my good friends each got drawn for late bull tags. Glassed this one in the nastiest steepest country in the unit and he decided to take it. Very nice bull for his first. Was definitely one of the hardest pack outs we have ever had. Hoping to get one more before the season closes. Hope everyone else has some luck. The warm weather and full moon has definitely made it hard but we have seen a lot of elk and passed on smaller ones.
  19. eastvalleyjerry

    Help aging buck

    That's pretty cool you have that history. Definitely looks old, good luck getting him.
  20. eastvalleyjerry

    Got a grandpa Christmas eve

    Awesome. Congrats
  21. eastvalleyjerry

    Suggestions on Rangefinders

    If anyone has an opinion i would appreciate it. I am considering adding the Vortex Optics Ranger 1000 or the Leopold RX-1200i Tbr Rangefinder. Does anyone have experience with either of these. I want something that can get me good ranges out to 800 yards. http://www.vortexoptics.com/product/ranger-1000-rangefinder https://www.leupold.com/rangefinders/hunting-rangefinders/rx-1200i-tbr-w-with-dna-digital-laser-rangefinder Thanks,
  22. eastvalleyjerry

    Found Dog near 40th street and I10

    Nice dog we found near my work. This is the second time he has came around in 2 weeks. Well trained and neutered so it must be someones. Anyone recognize it?
  23. eastvalleyjerry

    Suggestions on Rangefinders

    The Sig 1250 is looking pretty attractive. Its on amazon for $225. Also really like the Leica 1600. Appreciate all the impute.