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  1. Roosevelt Mark

    Mossberg 715

    That's cool.
  2. Roosevelt Mark

    34 A/B

    Are those a different type of antelope? Sonora or whatever. ..they seem smaller to me but I'm know expert.
  3. Roosevelt Mark

    FYI lake and AZGFD

    Roosevelt will be next.
  4. Roosevelt Mark

    A3 Golden Boy Jed Larson Convicted of Poaching

    The guide business is a bunch of arrogant dudes that think they own the woods and don't respect other hunters. So, I not surprised.
  5. Roosevelt Mark


    Richard said it would take the National Guard to drag him out kicking and screaming before he closed. He has minnows.
  6. Roosevelt Mark


    I went out for a few hours sat afternoon. Back of Sally Mae bay. No jig just minnows got 4 bass. No crappie. I have not seen a crappie yet. Are you fishing the Tonto end? I have not been there yet.
  7. Roosevelt Mark

    A3 Golden Boy Jed Larson Convicted of Poaching

    This thread is bla bla bla. Yawn, sorry. Jmo
  8. Roosevelt Mark

    Leftover tag soooooo close.

    He got the last one.
  9. Roosevelt Mark

    Woodbury Fire

    That unit has been over tagged for years.
  10. Roosevelt Mark

    Fishing at ROSY

    I did not go out last week, but I will report back. Muddy, but cleaner water is out there. It's also been very windy. I dont like the wind and I am not a muddy water fishing guy. They are in the lake,2lb average. Jwrk bait, chatter bait, flaat bill crank, minnows etc. Lots of brush of course. Fish the backs of any creek and look for cleaner water. Probably 61 degrees.
  11. Roosevelt Mark

    Where Am I? What am I

    I thought I was told the calvary built those. I have seen them in 29 also.
  12. Roosevelt Mark


    More than 1 way to skin a cat bro.
  13. That was such a blast when my kids were little. 2 of my 3 still go every year and they are adults now.
  14. Roosevelt Mark


    Is something for sale in this thread?
  15. Roosevelt Mark


    So you can find stuff? Find me that hot chick that's giving out a donut and a bj for a roll of toilet paper. I'll be right here.....
  16. Roosevelt Mark

    Unit 3A late Bull Elk hunt

    30 years of scouting and hunting it. I don't use any maps anywhere I hunt except Kaibab because we seldomly hunt there.
  17. Roosevelt Mark

    Unit 3A late Bull Elk hunt

    Yes, I have many many times. Some elk live full year and alot move down for the winter. If you have alot of snow on the rim it will push more elk out there. We see deer, pigs, antelope all the time while killing elk in 3a.
  18. Roosevelt Mark

    Effects of the virus scare?

  19. Roosevelt Mark

    SCCY 9mm

    I'm sure you did. Lol
  20. Roosevelt Mark

    Buyer Beware

    Fore sail.
  21. Roosevelt Mark

    Leftovers again?

    I had a leftover elk steak for lunch just now. Made a sandwich out of it, dang good.
  22. Roosevelt Mark

    Salt and Verde River Lakes are filling up

    I wonder how much they will drop Roosevelt. I totally understand that they need to release now, but we always get nervous that they will let to much out of Rosey.
  23. That 5th season whitetail hunt is a good one. 😂
  24. No bull deers in the group? Pretty.
  25. Roosevelt Mark

    Rocky Shooter?

    That's a nice buck sheep fore sure!