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  1. I always wondered how they worked. Good find.
  2. Roosevelt Mark

    unit 1 bull

    Outstanding, that bull will eat really good.
  3. Roosevelt Mark

    Micheline LTX 265/75/r17 tires E Rated

    How about $50 bucks for your 6 year old tires.
  4. Roosevelt Mark

    Trails End Taxidermy Queen Creek

    Takes forever, he's shadey and expensive. I've bumped into him a few time over the years and dont care for the dude.
  5. Roosevelt Mark

    Volunteer Game Deputies

    People would be getting shot, stabbed, raped etc. No bueno.
  6. Roosevelt Mark

    HSUS Files in Arizona to ban Mountain Lion, Bobcat Hunting

    They ban it in California for a few year's until the cats started eating joggers and little kids at the park.
  7. Roosevelt Mark

    Found Dog

    See any antelope out there? We have 1 3a tag Oct 6th.
  8. Roosevelt Mark

    Trail cams down South...

    Like 5 guys with bales on there back putting them in the back of a probably stolen truck 100 yards from my camp.
  9. Roosevelt Mark

    Trail cams down South...

    We were in the 29 and had a car come and meet some guys on foot for a drug drop. We called BP told them exactly where we were etc. We stayed up for a few more hours to guard camp and wait for BP but they never came. The next afternoon BP was coming down our road and I went out to meat them. I wave at him 20 feet away, he was looking right at me, and kept driving.
  10. Roosevelt Mark

    What do you guys think?

    You did it man! You really got one!!! Thief.
  11. Roosevelt Mark

    Elk Hunting in Utah

  12. Roosevelt Mark

    Unit 1 Elk Packer

    You would think he would give you a rough estimate. He's packed them out of there before.
  13. Roosevelt Mark

    Costco stretch pants

    "Sometimes it's ok to wear stretchy pants!"
  14. Roosevelt Mark

    unit 8 antelope -Help!

    Good for you, congats.
  15. Roosevelt Mark

    What do you guys think?

    Must be cold riding around in a side by side up there.
  16. Roosevelt Mark

    Brother in laws first bull (video link added)

    Stud bull forsure.
  17. Roosevelt Mark

    Archery 6x6 Bull Down

    Congrats, great bull. Looks like he was wallering.
  18. Roosevelt Mark

    Ms. Hunter smokes her 1st Goat

    Outstanding, that young lady has a great momma. Congratulations to all.
  19. Roosevelt Mark

    Honda Vs. Champion Generator

    I have the Honda 2000 for our 5th wheel. Works great. I bought it on CL last spring new in the box, never had gas or oil in it for $650. Great deal. I think it runs 10 hrs on .9 gal of gas. Somthing like that.
  20. Roosevelt Mark

    Unit 27 bull(tagged out today!)

    Very nice, congrats.
  21. Roosevelt Mark


    Great bull
  22. Roosevelt Mark

    Terrible Hunter Etiquette times 2

    Welcome to America amigo! Congrats to your son.
  23. Roosevelt Mark

    My brother in-law got it done.

    Yep, great bull.
  24. Roosevelt Mark

    Bull down help appreciated

    Well done, that's cool.
  25. Roosevelt Mark

    What do you guys think?

    In az it's who tagged it first. All the warden can do is give him an butt chewing. And believe me he probably will. I hope that guy enjoys his store bought elk meat. If it was me, I would probably be in jail..again...