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  1. On 4/3/2020 at 9:48 PM, Shane.A.Luke said:

    Thanks for posting.  Your daughter is very cute.  I am taking my 12 and 14 yo sons out tomorrow.  They are tired of Fortnite.  Appreciate the tip on Kalin BBC and 1/16oz head, have plenty.

    Did anyone try minnows recently?  I don't even know if Liar's Korner will be open.

    Richard said it would take the National Guard to drag him out kicking and screaming before he closed. He has minnows. 

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  2. I did not go out last week,  but I  will report back. Muddy, but cleaner water is out there.  It's also been very windy. I dont like the wind and I am not a muddy water fishing guy. They are in the lake,2lb average.  Jwrk bait,  chatter bait, flaat bill crank, minnows etc. Lots of brush of course. 

    Fish the backs of any creek and look for cleaner water. Probably  61 degrees. 

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