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    First ever elk hunt 6A Non Permit Archery

    Hey everyone this is going to be my first hunt for elk. I missed the draw this year and am determined to at least try my hand at bagging something for my families freezer. I just got back into archery again and am going to be doing my first elk hunt in the 6A South for the nonpermit tag hunt. I'd prefer to have an archery kill but from my understanding i can bring my .308 as well as long as im outside of the city limits. Just wondering if anyone can give out pointers on where to start, where to avoid, maybe even camp? I'll be scouting this coming saturday 10/21/17. I have the map printed out for the area from G&F but would really appreciate any tips, I fully understand this will be a hard hunt but im willing to work hard for the reward. #keephammering