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  1. #Muley

    Mathews Z7 $300

    Tried calling and texting you today. Is this still available?
  2. #Muley


    I haven't seen it yet. Tried calling and checked portal. Time will tell 😁
  3. #Muley

    SOLD - Hoyt Rampage XT

    Is this still for sale?
  4. #Muley


    Correct! I just got hit for my son's first Jr tag! I almost fell outta my chair when I saw the hit on the bank.... Freaking 5 days later woooohoooo, fingers crossed maybe I'll get my tag too.
  5. #Muley

    Lets get it started

    Ok!!!!!! They're still hitting cards boys and girls.... Just scored a JR hunt hit on the bank
  6. #Muley

    Lets get it started

    I was a little thrown off that my 100% certain draw success units placed on my app, as well as my boys, didn't net us anything this year.... I always get my favorite unit tags. Just seemed weird to me. Not that I've lived with my bank account app open pressing refresh every 30 seconds for the last 4 days, but it woulda been cool to be out rifle in hand this year with the kiddo. Also, my G&F portal says this: "looks like you did not apply for the most recent big game draw! I most certainly DID apply but don't know the ins and outs of the portal, I simply never log into it. Does anyone elses say this?
  7. #Muley

    Lets get it started

    This^^^ .....does anyone know if the card hits continue into early next week or is it a done deal as of yesterday? My son took Hunter safety in January, turned 10 yesterday!!!! got his youth 243 complete with bipod and muzzle brake yesterday!!! Would have been drawn on his birthday and I fear we got skunked. Just curious if anyone knows if the draw is completed in 1 day? Thanks for any input boys and girls. Good luck this year