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    2008 Chevy duramax 4x4

    Sweet truck great price and low miles
  2. Jacob...soaz

    First time hunting in AZ - unit 33

    Look at the azgfd website under where to hunt it will give you a good starting point or a few . As far as maps you can get forest service maps or flat line maps or use onx. Good luck awesome unit
  3. Jacob...soaz

    Shot a buck

    Are you a lineman? Or work for srp?
  4. Jacob...soaz

    home range

    How big is a Southern Arizona mule deer home range ? (excluding the rut) Is it fairly small like a coues deer? If i find some good mule deer bucks should i be able to find them in the same general area if nothing changes food .. water .. pressure.. Thanks in advance
  5. Jacob...soaz

    home range

    They are both hard to find for me lol .. I will keep at it and hopefully one day get it figured out.
  6. Jacob...soaz

    home range

    Yea I have been trying to relocate these bucks for the last 2 evenings.. where I saw them it was very thick mesquite trees so I have not been able to find them. I am pretty sure I know where they get water so yesterday I glassed the surrounding area but still did not find them.. I will keep looking they are the best looking bucks I have personally seen in this particular spot and it's easy for me to get to so its easier to spend time looking for them .
  7. Jacob...soaz

    home range

    wow thats some country to cover.
  8. Jacob...soaz


    good job on the buck also was a good pod cast about the hunt thanks for sharing.
  9. Jacob...soaz

    27 Hunt

    i was just up there working for a few months lots of critters . got on some good deer in aug just could not seal the deal . great job nice buck
  10. Jacob...soaz

    2018 Desert Buck

    great job
  11. Any gunsmiths or just people that know how to work on guns around the vail area ? I have a shotgun that needs a little bit of work. The shell ejector came loose it's just 1 screw but I have tried to fix it but has not worked out for me. If anyone wants to do a small job let me know
  12. Jacob...soaz

    Boots -- Need Recommendation

    nicks boots . its like the swaro of boots . way more expensive but hand made to your foot . i am a lineman so i hike at work a lot and my nicks are by far my favorite boots. what i would do is google wild land fire boots like nicks .. whites. scarpa . those are the boots we wear also if those fire fighters wear them they must be good .
  13. Jacob...soaz

    2018 Coues Buck / Finally Broke 100"

    great buck congratulations
  14. Jacob...soaz

    Lady vet looking for downsized 7mm-08

    have you looked into ruger american predator https://www.budsgunshop.com/catalog/product_info.php/products_id/84839/Ruger+AMERICAN+7MM-08+MTBLK
  15. Jacob...soaz

    the 34s

    Any az unit 34a or 34b hunters on here? I moved to Vail about 2 years ago and have been spending some time in both. What are your thoughts on the units? This side of both units got extremely dry but we have been getting some good late rains. stock tanks are filling back up and grass is finally getting green.
  16. Jacob...soaz

    the 34s

    Let us know how it goes
  17. Jacob...soaz

    the 34s

    Good luck on your hunt where are you flying in from
  18. Jacob...soaz

    the 34s

    Great pics . I agree with you.. there are spots with more deer.. in your opinion is the units getting better or worse .. I know there are more roads in both now then there was a few years ago . I also know more people go to them tto ride,shoot etc.. and in the near future there will be even more because they sold 200 acres on I 10 and 83 and they are building houses .. so I'm not sure how bad it will get but we will see..
  19. Jacob...soaz

    rifle for wife

    I am looking to get my wife a great all around rifle for AZ big game. Lets just say i have a $2000.00 budget for rifle and scope. I would like the set up good to about 500 yards. I don't want the recoil to be too much where she doesn't want to shoot. Also i would like it to be as light as possible. So any recommendations ? thanks for your time
  20. Jacob...soaz

    Hitting cards today!

    pigs and deer for me great times hope my ankle is healed up by then. will be a fun jan
  21. Jacob...soaz


    Wow great buck
  22. Jacob...soaz

    Any quail reports?

    wont be out anytime soon had a bit of bad luck and busted up my ankle but am curious to see how everyone does. last time i was in the desert by me a few weeks ago surprisingly i saw quite a few.
  23. Jacob...soaz

    I come in peace!

    no problem.. wow sounds like you have a lot more fun than me lol maybe one day when the kids are a bit older i can hunt around like that thats awesome. if you decide to put in for 34a 34b let me know i am no expert hunter but get to spend a lot of time in the units because they are my back yard. one thing that is happening is Vail AZ is growing like crazy so its putting more people in those units if not hunting just playing in the desert/hills.. i dont know how it will affect the hunting yet but just something to think about.
  24. Jacob...soaz

    I come in peace!

    I would say if you want the most action come hunt in Jan with an otc archary tag.. then you can hunt multiple units and then you can decide what unit you like and you can start putting in for rifle hunt in that unit.. also if you would have posted this question 10 or so days ago you could have put in for javalina and hunted them the same time you hunt deer.. also archery.. in az the rut happens in Jan so that's when you will see the most bucks.. as far as unit like everyone said any unit. I like the 34s because they are by my house .. good luck
  25. Jacob...soaz

    Hunting radios

    what model i have been thinking about getting some radios