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    What utv are you running? In the market for a sxs cant figure out what I want. I will use it for hunting taking the family out for a cruise in the mountains. No dunes or racing. I was thinking general. ranger can am.. maybe honda or Kawasaki. Let me know what you like and dont like about yours . Thanks
  2. Jacob...soaz

    Pre rut

    When does everyone think the mule deer will start pre rutting in so az ?
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  4. Jacob...soaz

    Shed dog

    Anyone have a shed dog ? I just got a catahoula pup and am kicking around the idea of a shed dog.
  5. Jacob...soaz

    Shed dog

    Yes he is still really young I am working on fetch and just getting him used to hiking .. soon I will introduce him to some sheds. It will give me something to do in the off season.. So any other advice on the catahoula?
  6. Jacob...soaz


    Looking to upgrade my sight on my bow to a 3 or 5 pin slider . What are you guys running and what do you like about them ?
  7. Jacob...soaz

    Location Advice in Unit 33 Mid Jan.

    Look at the azgf website where to hunt it will give you so good info .
  8. Jacob...soaz

    Jr Hunts are a blast

    good job . nice buck
  9. Jacob...soaz

    Top units

    Yep they are out there
  10. Jacob...soaz

    37b Muleys

    I used to hunt quail in there seen some deer but man you guys have been knocking them down out there .. good job
  11. Jacob...soaz


    Thanks guys for the input I decided to go with a polaris general 4 seater. I have taken it out a few times and no complaints here . Thanks again
  12. Jacob...soaz

    Daughters first desert muley

    Awesome great job
  13. Jacob...soaz

    Opening day success

    Nice buck
  14. Jacob...soaz

    Coues in the Oaks

    Pretty cool man I need to get my cams out
  15. Jacob...soaz

    Got her done.

    Good job
  16. Jacob...soaz

    My Biggest Coues Yet.

    Congratulations on the deer
  17. Jacob...soaz

    Hunting in the whetstones

    Have any luck
  18. Jacob...soaz

    Wife’s buck

    Nice buck
  19. Jacob...soaz

    SXS security

    Good question. They make locks that go on break rotors that will stop them from rolling
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    yes sir that is the plan i will be going in kind of blind my work schedule has been crazy so i dont even know what ponds if any have water. I hope those late rains filled some up
  21. Jacob...soaz


    i think we will be doing some pond jumping down here in So AZ. It sure is fun
  22. Jacob...soaz

    Sons 2019 muley

    great buck
  23. Jacob...soaz

    Ruger American predator 6.5 creedmoor

    PM sent
  24. Jacob...soaz

    Outdoorsmans Med. Tripod and Sirui Va-5

    Interested where are you located