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  1. Jacob...soaz

    20 gauge

    I have been looking for a short truck gun .. I wanted a 12 but 20 works .. how much and where are u located
  2. Jacob...soaz

    Kestrels new glassing monopod

    Too much bullshit
  3. Jacob...soaz

    Happy Labor Day

    Hahah i had a few beers last night figured I would get a good laugh in lol . I work for sturgeon
  4. Jacob...soaz

    Happy Labor Day

    u know what let's stop the union .. all u have to do is go and turn off your main breaker... Hit em in the pocket book .. Sorry boys I am going to sleep... need to maintain your lines in the am .
  5. Jacob...soaz

    Happy Labor Day

    Hope u don't drive a Ford
  6. Jacob...soaz

    Sharing a deal

    when u going on your hunt
  7. Jacob...soaz

    Sharing a deal

    Or tall
  8. Jacob...soaz

    Gaming Keyboard and Mouse for sale

    Bottom left
  9. Jacob...soaz

    Backcountry coffee

    Haha I don't think he was talking about the post.. more like the bs that came with it
  10. Jacob...soaz

    Backcountry coffee

    trust me better to not be in it .. just ask kev
  11. Jacob...soaz

    Backcountry coffee

    Looks like you are 2 min after.... makes me happy im not the only one with a bed time ... my wife actually gave up on me so I will go to sleep after 1 more
  12. Jacob...soaz

    Backcountry coffee

    u said u were going to sleep
  13. Jacob...soaz

    Backcountry coffee

    So thats why I can't sleep hhah o well it was bud and Jack tonight
  14. Jacob...soaz

    Backcountry coffee

    I just like the cheap booze part .. 99 cinnamon for me .. at the local store
  15. Jacob...soaz

    ISO flatbed trailer .

    I got a really good deal at apc trailer in Tucson..