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    Sent you a PM
  2. Quienyo

    2001 Toyota Tacoma

    Nice looking Taco. Is it stick or automatic? Have any pics of the interior? Where are you located? -Thanks
  3. Quienyo

    Leftover tag posted to my portal

    According to the fine folks at AZGFD, they will continue to fill the left over tags through Wednesday. Portals will be updated with a pending if drawn. Good luck!
  4. Riton offers a 40% discount for LEO/Military. I put a mod 7 4-20 x50 in my new rifle and love it at the range so far. No idea why it posted upside down, but you get the idea.
  5. Quienyo

    New 6.5 PRC

    It shoots both the 143 and 147 great. I just received my order of 143s from AmmoSeek and should be good to go for a while. Thanks for the replies!
  6. Quienyo

    Leftover tag posted to my portal

    What!? That was fast!
  7. Quienyo


    Killing me! If I hadn't just bought a rifle I'd be all over this.
  8. Quienyo

    New 6.5 PRC

    I picked up a new 6.5 PRC and the last 2 boxes of the 143 ELD-X ammo on the way out of Sportsman's. I see that the 143 is hard to find in stock and I am not a reloader, yet. I have someone I work with that reloads the 6.5 PRC but he is a busy guy. My question is do I transition to the 147 Match stuff, or order bulk in the 143, or see about my coworker loading for me or take up reloading in my garage. If I start reloading, I realize there is little $$$ savings, but more control in what I'm shooting. I'm hesitant to reload due to the initial cost, but am willing to consider it. Anyone start reloading and have any opinions? Thanks for any info.
  9. Quienyo

    What does a little extra money buy?

    I ended up with a Christensen Arms Mesa chambered in the 6.5 PRC. I put a box of the 143 ELD-X through it last weekend and can't wait for my next range time with my son. Thanks for the replies.
  10. Quienyo

    Colt 1991 45 acp

    If plans fall through, I'll take it.
  11. Quienyo

    What does a little extra money buy?

    Folks, I realize the importance of the scope. I plan on getting comfortable with the rifle this year (I did not get drawn) and moving forward with a higher end scope around the new year. In the mean time, if you were in my shoes, what would you do? I'm not sure a wrapped barrel is the way to go, I'm no sniper nor olympic distance shooter, just a guy who is looking to comfortably make 400-600 yard shots. Thanks again.
  12. Quienyo

    What does a little extra money buy?

    The $2000 limit is rifle only. I am going to give a local scope company (RITON) a run at the scope. I realize they are not considered high-end glass, but for now, they are who I'm going to use.
  13. I'm in an envios spot right now that I'm in the market to buy a hunting rifle with a $2K price cap. I have a .243, .270 and a 30-06 that cover the age spectrum from WWII to last year. I was torn between the .260 REM and the 6.5 Creedmoor and since I don't reload, I think the 6.5 wins out simply based on commercial ammo availability. With the 6.5 being my choice, I am looking a a wide spectrum of brands and prices to choose my rifle from. I have held and like the feel of both Tikkas and Bergaras (B-14 line) and am wondering what a buyer gets when they jump to a $1500-2000 semi-custom Kimber or Montana? The Bergara premier line intrigues me as well as does the Sako 85 (in .260REM). Are the next level guns worth the jump in $$ or is it simply marketing? I've read that the $2k mark is a dead spot in hunting rifles, i.e., good $500-1000 productions guns don't differ much from the $1500-2000 guns. The big jump in perceived performance arrives around the $3k mark. If this proves true, I'd guess I'd be best sticking to the factory B-14 Bergara Hunter or Ridge. Anyways, many more seasoned folks here that can help me come to a sound decision. Please let me know your thoughts, except on how lame the 6.5 creedmoor is in your opinion, I am set on the caliber. Thanks.
  14. Quienyo

    2008 Starcraft RT Series M-14 $6,000

    Any luck with the additional photos? I'd like to see the flaws/minor tears before I get serious. Thanks
  15. Quienyo

    Is a .243 enough for a cow hunt?

    It looks like it will be 6A and 5B south.