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    What’s on the menu?

    One thing that we always do at some point while we are hunting is green chili burritos using 505 Southwestern Hatch Valley green chile sauce and a Costco whole chicken that we shred and mix together. Add some sour cream, cheese and anything else that you like. Super easy and tastes great.
  2. AZbowhntr

    Mountain lion or Bobcat??

    Were the pictures all of the same cat at the same time? The middle picture without the first and last pictures could be debated. But the first and last pictures are definitely of a lion.
  3. AZbowhntr

    Trail Camera clips

    Yeah my keyboard just got slobbered on. Those are some awesome bulls. I have a tag this year and will be shooting anything close to those bulls.
  4. AZbowhntr


    I had the exact same one for several years. I had to really look close to see if this was it. Great trailer and easy to pull with anything. Good luck with the sale.
  5. AZbowhntr

    Clinton Body Count Tally

    If you are associated with that family your life expectancy can't be good. Unbelievable
  6. I thought the same thing when I saw this in the coues deer section. I killed a buck real close to there some years ago on the early hunt. It was a strange year because it snowed early and forced everything to start moving prior to the early rifle hunt. We would go way out west and hunt the cliffs for a couple days hardly seeing any deer. Then we would take a day and go back further east and get our fill of seeing a couple hundred deer a day before going back out west again. We saw a few sets of monster tracks but couldn't find the monster that made them.
  7. Nice, you can never go too big for coyotes.
  8. AZbowhntr

    Leftover Shrinkage

    I would be interested to see how many more people actually put in compared to how many people are starting to fill out all 5 choices instead of just the first 2 and then putting in for leftover tags later.
  9. AZbowhntr


    Good to see he made it through all the seasons last year.
  10. AZbowhntr

    What do you carry with your 15x's?

    I carry 10s, 15s and a spotter right now. I as still in good enough shape that it isn't a big deal. I am sure as I get older and slower I will probably lose the spotter. It gets used the least.
  11. AZbowhntr

    What’s everyone hoping for...

    Hunted Mexico in January for a week, went to Alaska on a cruise in early May, Florida in late May and have a bull tag in November. So I will be happy with the bonus point that we put in for.
  12. AZbowhntr

    Pathfinder, 4Runner, Cherokee, or etc

    I second the Toyota for reliability. You will pay more but not have to worry about being stranded out in the boonies.
  13. AZbowhntr

    I decided to get in shape this year

    Our family had a challenge toward the beginning of the year to see which couple could lose the most weight. My wife and I chose to do Weight Watchers and I have been really happy. I dropped about 40 lbs which included 2 vacations in that time. I have realized the biggest thing is just eating smarter. I still eat as much as I want but eat better foods. And I feel way better. Now to get my butt exercising for an elk hunt this fall.
  14. AZbowhntr

    WTB 12’ or 14’ trailer

    Look on Offerup. I just bought a PJ 12' trailer last week for a great deal. I just set my search for what I wanted and got alerted every time someone posted one.
  15. AZbowhntr

    Jacob Gets a Turkey

    Way to go. Congrats
  16. AZbowhntr

    Fire pit glass where to buy

    Go with the black if you can find it. It looks great. I had it put in my fire pit when I had my back yard done. The landscaper got it otherwise I could tell you where it came from.
  17. AZbowhntr

    Backing out of driveway

    I would love to hear that story.
  18. AZbowhntr

    Classified ads post

    Exactly like you made this post.
  19. AZbowhntr

    ATV trailer recommendations

    So I am finally breaking down and buying a side by side and will be needing a trailer. I am hoping to buy a used one to save a few $ but what are everyone's recommendations that have them already and where did you buy them? Any brands better than others out there. Thanks for any input.
  20. AZbowhntr

    ATV trailer recommendations

    I wasn't going to buy new but there were a few 2018 models still out there for a really good price. I have been seeing the 2016 used models for the same as what I am paying for a brand new one. So if you can still find one that is your best deal. I have a friend that has one and really likes it. I love the idea of the back seats folding down into the bed and it becoming a full bed that dumps.
  21. AZbowhntr

    ATV trailer recommendations

    I am going single axle. I looked at the PJ trailer this afternoon at JacksSons in Mesa and they are very nice. Pretty expensive though. I am getting the Honda Pioneer 1000-5 and the overall length is right at 10' and 5' wide. I figure I need a minimum of 6'X10' and preferably 6'X12' for extra gear.
  22. AZbowhntr

    Manners EH-2 carbon fiber stock Rem 700 short action

    To bad that wouldn't fit my rifle. I have called and left multiple messages with them trying to buy one and can't get them to even call back.
  23. AZbowhntr

    Unit 23 Late Hunt

    The low tag numbers is the best thing about the hunt. The hunters should be pretty spread out. This year I plan on spending a lot of time in the unit during the rut to see what there is going to be as far as the caliber of bulls. But knowing that they will not be in the same locations come the late hunt.
  24. AZbowhntr

    Let's see ALL the cool stuff you've done with Javelina...

    So how do you guys get the lower jaw to stay open? Epoxy or superglue? I have one that I want to do that to but don't want to mess it up.
  25. AZbowhntr

    Unit 23 Late Hunt

    It sounds like you have a pretty good handle on the unit if you are very familiar with it already. It is pretty much spending the time behind the glass looking over bulls until you find one you are happy with. Like most of the other units the quality isn't quite what it used to be but should be getting better with the number of tags. You will find bulls pretty much from the top of the unit all the way down close to the river including some real close to Young. I have shot two bulls out of 23 over the years and one was about 10 miles north of Young and the other the same south of Young. Plus I have helped on hunts that have shot them east and west of Young. So if you are going to be all over the place I would camp close to or stay in Young. What is your definition of a quality bull? I just happen to have the same tag so sorry for not being a bit general.