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  1. AZbowhntr

    Sad anniversary

    My parents are both still alive. 88 and 84 years old. My dad still goes to the gym every day and gets around pretty good. But I can really see the age now when I get to see them. They are in Idaho and I am down here. Definitely makes you think about life and what is important. I try to get up there every few months now. And they were just here a couple weeks ago.
  2. AZbowhntr

    Meopta 15x56 HD B1 plus SOLD

    Shawn, do yo ever make it up to the valley? I have the Meopta 10X50 and really like them.
  3. AZbowhntr

    Hide your guns from your ex!

    I was paying $145 a month for a 10' climate controlled unit last year. But the prices had gone up to about that for regular storage. If I would have known how popular those places are 20 years ago I would own a couple.
  4. AZbowhntr

    A few recent outings

    That is awesome. Reminds me of hunting down in Mexico some years ago. We got sidetracked and started calling and seemed to call in doubles or more on every stand. They had never been called before. I always want to get out more and never seem to have the time.
  5. AZbowhntr

    1980 Cj 5

    Brought back memories. I had a 72 CJ5 with a 304. That thing was a beast. GLWS
  6. AZbowhntr

    Colby’s Junior javelina

    Way to go dad. I get to take my daughter out in a few weeks. Of course she is 28 now so a little different.
  7. AZbowhntr

    FS: Liberty biometric safe (vault) - SOLD

    Not if you secure it to the bottom of the drawer. Then they would have to take the drawer and all.
  8. AZbowhntr

    In Search of .270 WSM Brass

    Grab it when you can. I am on a waiting list at two different places to order 270wsm brass. It is crazy. Luckily I have a few hundred rounds loaded right now and it isn't like I go out just shooting for fun with it.
  9. AZbowhntr

    Early rifle bull

    Awesome story and way to stick with it. Great bull and not an inch broke off. Congrats
  10. AZbowhntr

    Cummins emissions recall ?

    I got a recall notice for my 2018 GMC diesel and asked the dealership about it. They said it was for using too much DEF. So I went ahead and did the fix. It was actually the other way around and I used more DEF and got worse gas mileage. I confronted my service rep about it and he just shrugged it off kind of laughing about it. Pissed me off. Never again.
  11. AZbowhntr


    I went up to Accuracy Speaks at Usery for mine. I have one of my Tikka 270WSM and can't tell that it isn't part of the rifle. They have installed two for me and both are the same. Excellent work.
  12. AZbowhntr

    2023 success

    Congrats on the double. I have had two doubles but both were bull elk and no fun at all. Very exciting until the pictures are taken and the work begins. Would love to hear the story.
  13. AZbowhntr

    Bow hunting in rain

    I would think if you are waxing your strings it wouldn't make much of a change until you got to some longer shots. One of the purposes of the wax is for that exact thing. To keep the moisture out and causing the string to fray.
  14. AZbowhntr

    Alpen Compact Spotting Scope SOLD

    TTT $50 price drop
  15. AZbowhntr

    Vortex Viper 6.5-20X50 PA Scope-SOLD

    It was nice meeting you Nate.