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  1. AZbowhntr

    Fire restrictions

    They lifted the fire ban the shortly before the late rifle bull hunt. Here is the info from Tonto's website. Tonto National Forest lifts fire and target shooting restrictions Date(s): Nov 10, 2020 PHOENIX, Nov. 10, 2020 –The Tonto National Forest in coordination with federal, state, and local partners will terminate the current Stage 1 Fire Restrictions and recreational shooting restriction effective Nov. 11, 2020 at 8 a.m. due to recent moisture, cooler temperatures and reduced fire activity.
  2. AZbowhntr

    2021 buck opening morning

    Cool video. Sounded like a bow to me. Congrats on a great archery buck.
  3. AZbowhntr

    Badlands promo code?

    Badlands has had a sale right after Christmas the last 3 years. Has anyone heard of or have a code for this year? I have gone to the website a few times and haven't seen anything. I am hoping they have one again at some point.
  4. AZbowhntr


    Typical now a days. One of my wives presents wont make here on time because it sat at the post office from the 11th until the 20th. The tracking originally showed it getting here on the 15th. Now it says it will get here on the 26th. And they blame it all on Covid.
  5. AZbowhntr

    46A East?

    Congrats, look forward to the story.
  6. AZbowhntr

    Hunting soap and Juniper scent too

    Edge, it was a pleasure meeting you today. Great soap.
  7. AZbowhntr

    Fire and Recreational Shooting Restrictions

    Tonto National Forest has also lifted their fire and shooting ban effective this morning.
  8. AZbowhntr

    Couse Success!

    Congrats on a couple great bucks.
  9. AZbowhntr

    My dads buck

    Congrats to your dad on a cool looking buck.
  10. Congrats on a great buck. Way to stick with it.
  11. AZbowhntr

    Cold weather tent camping

    Make sure your wife is as comfortable as possible. I give her the best of everything when we are camping. we used to have a trailer until I bought a side by side and couldn't tow both. So I sold the trailer and bought a wall tent. I have the big Cabela's cots and the big foam pads. It is almost as comfortable as sleeping in my own bed. Mesa Sales has the foam pads pre-cut that they sell for a decent price. I also have a Mr Heater that I warm the tent up before we go to bed and in the morning when we wake up. I don't run it all night because I have never needed to. The extended forecast looks pretty good for the late hunts. I am hoping clear and cold.
  12. AZbowhntr

    270 Sections of State Land SOLD!

    This is the desert just east of my house. It is approximately 4 square miles out by Meridian and Ray Rd. My nice quiet neighborhood is going to go away.
  13. AZbowhntr

    Biggest Buck To Date

    That is awesome. Nice change from the typical long range rifles.
  14. AZbowhntr

    Australian shepherd puppies

    Apparently they were Trump fans and got flagged.