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  1. AZbowhntr

    Wtb cabelas alaknak tent

    It seems to be completely random. I think I paid 700 for the tent and 2 cots. Each cot sells for 100. If your not in a hurry just keep checking the website.
  2. AZbowhntr

    Wtb cabelas alaknak tent

    Keep an eye out for them to go on sale on their website. I have the 12X12 that I picked up last year and got a great deal plus they threw in 2 of the big Cabella's cots for free. They seem to always have a few of their tents on sale. It's just of matter of when the one you want comes up. Good luck, I love mine.
  3. AZbowhntr

    Another Amazing Hunt in Sonora Mexico

    Way to go Ernesto! You the man! Congrats on the great bucks.
  4. AZbowhntr

    Another Great Hunt with My Son!

    Awesome all the way around.
  5. AZbowhntr


    I am interested if the previous deal falls through.
  6. AZbowhntr

    Cell phone car magnet mounts - any recommendations

    There was a commercial on the outdoor channel last night for one. I can't think of the name off the top of my head though. It has a magnetic ball that attaches to your dash and a small metal plate attaches to the back of your phone that allows it to pivot where ever you want it angle to.
  7. AZbowhntr

    Senior trip to Mx

    Great buck. Congrats to you and your son. And I am glad the lion hit the dirt. I wasn't sure after watching the video.
  8. AZbowhntr

    New Service Fee

    I just do mine online and print it. Easy as can be and no fees. Do the fees also apply to tags or just the licenses?
  9. AZbowhntr

    Units 36a, b, c hunt #5097

    What unit have you been hunting? I have only hunted 36B and have seen them every time we go out glassing for deer. We pretty much stick to the southern portion of the unit.
  10. AZbowhntr

    Desert Muzzy Buck

    Congrats to you and your son on an awesome buck. Love the antler color and the extra character points.
  11. That is what I call a great year. Congrats to you and all of the hunters on some great bucks.
  12. AZbowhntr

    Hunting the gullies in the flats

    We have pretty much started hunting the flats in the unit I hunt down south. We see bucks every time we are out. We are rifle hunting so we can find spots to glass from a distance and take longer shots. We watched the biggest buck I have ever seen here in Arizona cruising through the flats with a couple smaller bucks. They were using the washes to travel and any time that they popped out onto the flats they would run to the next clump of trees or the wash again. Never seen anything like it. And unfortunately we did not see the buck again. We used to also see a lot of great mule deer bucks when we quail hunted. They bed down in the washes and are unseen until we would basically walk right up onto them.
  13. AZbowhntr

    A Pair of December Bucks Round 2

    Congrats to you and your dad on a couple great bucks. Sounds like an awesome hunt.
  14. AZbowhntr

    Cat or Coyote?

    Looks like a cat ear to me. And like someone else said it has a smooth coat.
  15. AZbowhntr

    5 To 1 Odds.....Why Not?

    I think a good spotter with quality optics are going to be one of the most important parts of this.