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  1. I saw couple does on 414A, I heard some there were 3 bucks shot on deer creek trail Sunday and there are few more out there. We had a rough time as well. I couldn’t hunt the whole week so didn’t get anything. Good luck man
  2. Couple weeks ago I was west of Payson on 414 I glassed 3 coues bucks for awhile. I was also told that the 414 goes all the way to rye and there is some good country there as well. I was also told to take sycamore road off of 188 to the end and hike the trail into the canyon and that was a good area for some coues and there are mullie bucks in the lower elev.
  3. I’m going this sat in canyon up off of sycamore road then it turns into a hiking trail into the canyon I’ll let you know.
  4. I went to Roosevelt on west side of 188 across from punkin center. Glassed 4 whitetail does, a guy horse riding had told me there were a couple Mullie bucks one ridge over from where I was at. Going next weekend but going to hike further up into canyon into higher elevation. Found a whitetail shed, it was pretty cool.
  5. Yeah I’ll let you know, I went last sat but didn’t do so well road was super rough and area had a lot of thick cover where I was at. Going to try different spot next weekend. I was up off 290 of of the 87 north of Payson. I would have liked to go further back but really need a four wheeler or side by side.
  6. Copy that I’m going out next sat and moat weekends until then hopefully.
  7. Will whitetail be headed to lower elevation during this time?? Is this time period close to the rut?? Any advice would be very helpful and thank you very much.