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    Mule Deer 33/37B

    How'd it go today?
  2. NewlyMinted

    Popcorn thread

  3. NewlyMinted

    Gen2 Vortex Razor straight 27-60x85 (price drop)

    Bump for a good person!
  4. NewlyMinted

    Finally ended my free range bison quest!!!

    Congratulations!! What a beast!
  5. NewlyMinted


    Page 25 of the idfg talks about the area. Apparently The winter of 96 was awful for mortality and the current population is way below expected. Page 25 talks specifically about the Lolo Zone and wolves feature a starring role https://collaboration.idfg.idaho.gov/WildlifeTechnicalReports/Elk Statewide FY2019.pdf Predation is acknowledged.. interesting read.. Further down..
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    3rd time in 4 years - 3/3 opening am

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    Ruger 10/22 Take Down

    I don't blame you. I have the same Magpul on mine!
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    Checking In

    Hi everyone! I'm just checking in to say hi. I'm a new hunter starting a few decades after most people do, and after quail 2 seasons ago, I bought an Accura V2 LR and did the hunters ed and drew a 36A tag this year. I've read a ton online, about a dozen books, listened to podcasts and watched Youtube psyching myself up for this season. I've been hoofing it routinely in the area I think I want to be in 36A. I've driven the quite a few of the dirt tracks and have a ton of questions, a few concerns for my first hunt. So before I launch in to all of those, wanted to quickly say hello! Excited for October! Ed
  9. NewlyMinted

    Checking In

    It was awesome! I didn't tag a buck, but learned a ton, had a blast, and saw things I've never seen before. A forum member here had the same hunt and so I got to ask him a ton of questions and chatted in the afternoons which was a huge relief since I was out there solo. I had patterned a group of bucks all the way up until the hunt, found my plan and plan B, and then at 4a on opening morning when I was walking to my spot I got flashlighted by a Hunter that beat me to the spot. I was too far away to make it to plan b before first light so hiked into the unknown and found a spot to glad from. At sunrise I saw how many hunters were inn this area and so pushed around to a different hill and set up. I had not planned for pressure, I can't believe I'd thought I'd be in my area alone, but in the 20 times Id been out there, I hadn't seen a single person. Also hadn't planned for the wind the last couple of days and the cows. It took a couple days to find the bucks again, and a few more to find a way to reach them. My best chance at a stalk ended up empty handed. The most sobering moment was walking a trail and coming across a literally streaming cat scat. Cameras near by suggest it was this guy. I chatted with one group who had taken 5 bucks between them (8 hunters) total with a couple days to go. Last day I got to watch the most amazing sunset. Ended up buying a bow about 3 weeks later and bought my 2020 OTC tag and a HAM javelina. Probably the best week in the outdoors I've ever had, and I can't wait for next October to do it all again!
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    Ruger 10/22 Take Down

    If you want the Original stock. I have the fore-end, retaining ring, and stock in Black - in Tucson
  11. NewlyMinted

    Glassing Direction

    I had a Glassing lesson from Duwane, (highly recommend) and his main point was watch the slopes at sunrise that get the sun light. The are really easy to spot during that first hour since they contrast is higher.
  12. NewlyMinted

    Late rifle coues

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing!!
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    WTB: Inline Muzzleloader Rifle - CLOSED - No Longer Needed

    Muzzleloaders don't need an FFL and can ship right to your door. Still a few good sales going for CVAs and others online. I really like my Accura V2 LR but as far as I can tell everyone really likes their front end stuffer no matter the manf.
  14. NewlyMinted

    Ruger 10/22 Take Down

    I have the original stock from a NIB 10/22 take down. Happy to swap it for this magpul stock if you need it.
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    Two Covert MP8 black cameras SOLD

    Are they mp8 or 16? Do you have straps and cable locks?
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    First one!

    Great looking buck! Congrats!
  17. NewlyMinted

    Wanna see a dead body?

    That's incredible footage.. very cool to see through the computer.. I can't imagine staying still each time it sat up and looked around!! Amazing stuff!
  18. NewlyMinted

    Wanna see a dead body?

    Wow! How far away were you?
  19. NewlyMinted

    KOWA Double spotter

    Text sent on single scope
  20. NewlyMinted

    KOWA Double spotter

    I'd take the other.
  21. NewlyMinted

    KOWA Double spotter

    Would you split?
  22. NewlyMinted

    2020 regs

    What do you see?