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    Tucson Area Bow Shop

    Thank you for the recommendations. I went in to Bull Basin twice, the second time was to buy a bow. They were helpful, and willing to answer basic questions. Proud owner of a PSE Unleashed, have a month of free range time at their shop and will take a few lessons there in the next couple of weeks. I guess this is the year this old dog learns a few new tricks! This is a great forum!
  2. NewlyMinted

    First Time Hunter, Coues whitetail hunt

    Yes! This is a great story man! Congrats.. very happy for you!!
  3. NewlyMinted

    Got her done.

    Great looking deer! Fantastic story.. thanks man and congrats!
  4. NewlyMinted

    Tucson Area Bow Shop

    Thank you!
  5. NewlyMinted

    What maps do you Use?

    Gaia Maps is $40 for the year and you have access to all the above maps and can save them offline on any of your devices. It all syncs so you can scout and mark on your computer and then all the waypoints and routes and photos are pushed back and forth. Ownership and public land layers, as well as shaded topo and USGS, UFS, and high level satellite!
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    Spotting scope

    Pm sent
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    CHAMP Hunt.

    Great story! Congrats!!
  8. I've seen this mentioned in a few replies to threads on here, but wanted to add my own 2 cents since I'm (a) new to hunting in general (b) have my first big game hunt coming up with my muzzleloader Coues in a few days and (c) couldn't have predicted how amazing it was to spend the morning with Duwane learning where and why to look. I met Mr Adams at 5a in Oracle and we meandered into the Catalinas. I brought my own tripod (too short) and bino's and we pulled up on to a road and started glassing. Duwane is constantly letting me know why this spot is good and, as we timed it for sunrise, we spotted a ton of deer. Does with their fawns and plenty of bucks. It was the first time I'd seen bucks tussling with my own eyes. We scanned and Duwane kept pulling me to his binos to see the detail he was noticing and slowly I started to be able to spot the deer first (not too often), and even saw a pack of coyotes working the hill side between two big deer groups. We went to a couple of other spots so that the I could see first hand what the angle of the dangle was all about and it was impressive. We never glassed the same ridges or sections of mountain, but the formula of when and where the deer move was reinforced every time we stopped. Mr Adams fundamentally changed everything I will do in the future with my binos. Admittedly I don't have the sort of experience most of the forums members do, so I'm still years behind most of y'all with equipment that is right at the beginning of the journey, but I feel a lot more comfortable heading into my first hunt. He's a gracious and generous man, and talking with him put so much of the info from books and podcasts either into context or allowed me to change how closely I adhered to it. Highly recommend it, and can't say enough positive things about my morning with him: It was incredible.
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    Duwane Adams Glassing Lesson

    It was great meeting you too Tony! My hunt was 36A and it finished right before quail opened. Amazing experienced, learnt a ton, saw so many different animals (and bucks), met some nice hunters, saw the landscape adapt to our presence and am ready and addicted I didn't get close enough to a buck to harvest one, but being out in the desert alone, navigating mountain-sides, constantly trying to forget the fresh lion crap and tracks I saw every morning in the dark, staying hidden as coyotes and Javelina wandered passed was incredible. I've lived and camped and hiked in the desert for 22 years, but this was the first time I think I got to get down and dirty with the wild side of it. Need to find a cheap/decent unicorn of a SxS so I can give my truck a bit of a break when I need to shift positions. I was lucky enough to have a couple of forum members reach out in the PMs with help and advice, and one dude in particular who kept me sane before and during the hunt. Thanks to him, and you all, and my prep this was a great experience and although I don't have anything new in the freezer from it, 100% successful hunt.
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    2019 Coues hunt

    Great job!
  11. NewlyMinted

    Coues or Mule Deer

    The left antler looks like a double fork, but the right antler looks like a classic big coues rack. I’m posting all images in the sequence so you can see it’s not just weird shadows.
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    Quick Recap of Overnight Tuna Run

    I just got back from an overnight that went down to Mexico about 40 miles offshore. It's the 3rd year in a row for our group of 21 that charters the same boat every year - Relentless! Aside from the great crew and solid socializing on the boat we almost hit our boat limit on yellowfin and grabbed a few bluefin. 93 tuna on the boat and a fair number of ones-that-got-away and we each got a few mako steaks to bring home. Our tuna was all between 20-30lbs with the jackpot winner pulling in a 40lbs monster. I had a 110qt igloo max in the car and opted this year to have the boat gill&gut the fish and I'll fillet and pack. The 110qt cooler held 5 gutted fish and 40lbs of ice easily. Might have been tight if I'd been lucky enough to bring home either bigger fish, or a bluefin! My trolling set-up (we didn’t snag any trolled fish this trip) was a 85lbs braid with 60lbs fluoro leader on a Squall 60LD and a 6ft heavy action Squall pole with a bunch of lures I had rigged up. Next year I’m bringing Ballyhoo for the fun of trying it. My fishing set-up was 40lbs braid with 30lbs fluoro leader and a #2 hook on a fathom 2 speed 15LD2 and 7.5ft medium action carnage II. 6 of us brought our own stuff, and everyone who rented had slightly larger reels with 25lb braid and 20 mono topshots. They were equally successful. I chose to buy the 15LD2 to have a more versatile pole for other fishing if I wanted it. (I’m also as new to fishing as I am to hunting). The trip was a weekend trip and I was working in San Diego for 3 days afterwards, so brought along my vacuum sealer, knives and snippers, and cleaning supplies. I set my hotel bathroom up as a cleaning station. triple bagged trash for the bloodline trimmings and the carcass, 20lbs ice as a platform to keep the chopping board and the tools cold as I went along. Cleaned the shower down between every fish, and kept my tools, the chopping board, and myself clean between every stage for each fish. For the vacuum bags, the closing seal was 2 seals for top half of the fish, 3 seals for the bottom half, with the belly and collars for all 5 yellowfin being consolidated into a single bag for. Saved on labelling and adding a step. Once the fish were packed up in their bags there was 2 day old 40lbs ice underneath, a towel laid down, the packs spread out evenly and more towels, another fresh 40lbs of ice on top, and finally 2 towels on the top of the ice. I've found the igloo MAX 110qt to hold temp well except at the top. In AZ and road-trips to CA the lid gets very hot and the top ice melts fast warming the top layer of food a little. The top towels eliminate that. I drove home about 3pm from CA to AZ along I8 and it was 100+ outside from east of alpine until the sun set, with the sun always shining in the rear-hatch window pounding the ice-chest. After 6 hours of driving there was very little water to drain and the fish was nice and cold. I popped the fish in the freezer and we had poke bowls for dinner last night. Great trip.. wanted to share.
  13. NewlyMinted

    Bowtech Invasion CPX

    Is this a good bow for someone just starting out, or is it a little too much? What did you hunt with it?
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    Easy transaction! Thanks man!
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    I'll take them.
  16. NewlyMinted

    Scouting a new area

    I have the unit just north of yours and have spent a long time just driving the roads seeing where they go, which ones were passable and which were washed out or just impossible to drive with a standard truck. I found a ton of areas that on the map and google earth looked uninteresting but were great spots to hang out and watch. Most of the roads I found were only visible on the zoomed in satellite pics. It's been a wet year down there, tanks are happy and full. I'm a total newbie on the hunting side, but pouring over maps and then planning a quick drive-through were really useful for me to learn the area I am going to end up spending my October hunt in,
  17. NewlyMinted

    Solo kaibab Bison Hunt with help

    Thanks for sharing .. awesome story
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    Grand Canyon to make second run at corralling bison herd

    I'm banking points for bison to hopefully head out there in a couple decades or whatever, but have read that getting your animal out is not easy as they will be far from vehicle access.
  19. NewlyMinted

    Realistic Field Shooting

    So as a new hunter, based in Tucson, is BLM land the only none-range places you can shoot? There isn't a lot close by that I've found offering a 200yd back drop to practice in the dirt sitting or lying down. I'm shooting a muzzleloader this fall for coues, and have been very aware that as I try to extend my range accuracy from 100-200yds, I'm really only improving my field accuracy from 50/75yds to 100 yds or so with nerves and all the other factors (if i'm lucky enough to pull the trigger during the hunt).
  20. NewlyMinted

    After work success

    Wow! great buck!
  21. Amazing post and write-ups! Thank you for sharing!!
  22. NewlyMinted

    12ga stoeger over under, 12ga SXS, .357 S&W

    Does the Stoeger have choked barrels or replaceable tubes? any come with?
  23. NewlyMinted

    Grand Canyon to make second run at corralling bison herd

    What is the expected success rate for free roaming bison? Is 2/25 close?
  24. Hi everyone, I'm scouting for my first ever Coues hunt in early October. I'll be hunting solo in a remote-ish area and have been using my 12x50s on a tripod and felt really comfortable. They are Vortex Diamondbacks which was in my budget. I know they aren't on the high end, but I'm spotting deer and they are working for me until my hunting-savings account fills back up to consider something else. My question is about the spotting scope. I'm borrowing a 27-60x85 Razor HD spotter for the next 2 months and I took it for a spin yesterday and am confused if I'm an idiot or just need to adapt. I do have the ocular twisted out so it's sitting at the right distance for my eye. The eye piece is huge, my 12x50s fit snug into my eye socket and I have a clear wall to wall image. the spotting scope eye piece is too big to get up close and I seem to be dancing around to get the full FOV. It's also a lot dimmer and almost washed out. Now I know it's going to be collecting less light so the images are going to be less intense, but going from diamondback binos to razor spotter I figured the increase in quality would make them more comparable. I'm learning that my own expectation on anything related to hunting is usually the causes of my first and largest mistakes, but I'm hoping for some simple pointers here. Should there be an eye cup I didn't get for the eye piece? How can you put a 2" eye piece up against my eye without it being hit or miss? It's a angular scope so if I'm sitting with the bino's in my tripod and trying to switch to glass up the same deer with the spotter it's a nightmare to deal with. Should I not be sitting? Do I bring a second tripod? I'm hiking about a mile from the truck across rugged ground and the spotter is effing heavy. Any insight would be phenomenal. Thank you!