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  1. NewlyMinted

    Swarovski stx 65mm spotter $2750

    Willing to just sell the 65mm objective? Got pics of the glass?
  2. NewlyMinted

    STOLEN PSE EXPEDITE 70-80lb RH in firstlite fusion

    truly sucks man.. I'm sure you already are doing this but keep an eye on craigslist, and contact PSE with the serial number... regularly goto bookmarks like this and see if the scumbag is posting: https://phoenix.craigslist.org/search/sss?query=pse&sort=rel&purveyor-input=all&searchNearby=2&nearbyArea=244&nearbyArea=419&nearbyArea=651&nearbyArea=468&nearbyArea=57&nearbyArea=370
  3. NewlyMinted

    New guy first coues buck

    Nicely done!
  4. NewlyMinted

    New guy first coues buck

    Awesome buck man! How did you cook it for the first bite? Great contrast on the euro!
  5. NewlyMinted

    Trail cam update

    Why don't the response numbers add up to 2,742? Are any of the alternative ban or partial ban comments included in the 1200 opposed to the proposal? That was a weird summary of the data for scientists to be presenting.
  6. NewlyMinted

    Burning anus

    Best topic posted so far this year.
  7. NewlyMinted

    Hike to Hunt 2021

    That looks awesome!
  8. NewlyMinted

    Rejected card bonus point question

    It's not how it worked for the javelina tag. Got my bonus because I paid the $13 but my dumb butt didn't realize that the card expired the day before the draw, so it just said "no hunt" on the portal! At least with Javelina you get a chance at OTC left overs, and now I have 2 points for javelina
  9. NewlyMinted

    WTB Blackhorn 209

    I moved to pyrodex .. have a half bottle blackhorn that’s been in my safe with Dessicator for about a year if y’all are in t-town. Trade ya for some steel BB 12g or just take it and think nice thoughts
  10. NewlyMinted

    Bobcat Vs Rattle

    That’s incredible footage. Well earned for sure!
  11. NewlyMinted

    Lion time!

    It is on!
  12. NewlyMinted

    6.5 Creedmoor 147’s available -Go!

    Yeah... I bookmark the ammoseek 6,5cm page and check it every now and again.
  13. NewlyMinted

    6.5 Creedmoor 147’s available -Go!

    This place is pricey, but has had a few boxes of 100 every couple of days of ELD-X https://miwallcorp.com/hornady-precision-hunter-ammunition-6-5-creedmoor-143-grain-eld-x-100-rounds-w-free-ammo-can/
  14. NewlyMinted

    (Nearly) Free Lot of Goodies for a Youth or New Hunter

    You're giving them away? - Nice haul .. way to pay it forward!
  15. NewlyMinted

    WTB - 6.5CM 143 ELDX

    Miwall has some for $4 a round: https://ammoseek.com/ammo/6.5mm-creedmoor
  16. NewlyMinted

    Wifi question

    One of the nest tests you can do is to plug the laptop into the router with an ethernet cable. Shut off the wifi and do the speedtest.net mentioned above. If wired speed is the same-ish as your wifi speed it's the router, if the wired speed is giga-fast then it's your computer. Word of warning because Cox are not the best advocates for fair billing. The faster your speed is, generally means that you can have 3-4 devices pulling full speed downloads without issues so you reach that terabyte cap really quickly. I've got a couple of high-schoolers and almost every 3 months I get a notification from cox saying they've helpfully added $10 to my bill because I went over.
  17. NewlyMinted

    ISO - Chronograph light diffuser ideas

    I got the same chrono for christmas. I took it out on BLM and shot firearms and my bow through it. It was pretty bright with the sun overhead and it reported consistent numbers for both. I'd say an umbrella or 10x10 shade structure or backing up under your porch would be easier, but I had no issues. Admittedly it was December sun not June.
  18. Hi, I’ve got a last minute chance to head to AR to tackle some no-bag-limit geese with a group, but only have an 870. I’ve been on the fence for a while at getting an M3000 or A300, so am really looking for that type of shotgun. Anyone got one in their safe? Camo? Extended mag? Thanks!
  19. NewlyMinted

    WTB M3000 or A300 12g shotgun - found one ..thanks cwt

    Thanks! I’ve shot the A300 and it worked pretty well.. I haven’t had a chance to shoot the stoeger, but saw the extended mag options, and the cheaper price and was excited. ‘I’ve thought about the 870, but wondered if we’d be lying down (‘not sure of the set-up) then it’d be a pain to cycle .. but maybe I also just wanted an extra gun .. probably the second. we’ve got 3 days and 6 guns, so hopefully it’ll be a good time! Any of those berettas burning a hole in the safe?
  20. NewlyMinted

    Ever used this app for hunting?

    That's clever.. I had the app, but never thought of using it for location sharing!
  21. NewlyMinted

    Aoudad 2021

    Great story! It's always good to have an unfairly lucky person in your group! She's kept the streak alive! Thanks for sharing!
  22. NewlyMinted

    First Coues Buck

    Awesome man! He's a great looking buck!