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  1. eddielasvegas

    Pre 64 Winchester model 94 question

    Completed auctions HERE. Good luck, Eddie
  2. eddielasvegas

    Spring draw

    If it works like the Elk draw, then no. It takes time for them to process everything and seeing a tag appear on your portal is not out of the question in the next 1-4 days. Eddie
  3. eddielasvegas

    Card hits??

    Well, color me excited as I see a $25 pending charge on my CC. Looks like I'll be going on my first Javelina hunt in Feb. 😀 Now the only question is which unit? Can't wait.... Eddie
  4. eddielasvegas

    Unit 27 Late Oct Hunt

    Good updates and I also appreciate the live updates. Good luck! Eddie P.S. Slippin' in my old age and not flippin'
  5. eddielasvegas

    WTB Kodiak Canvas tent

    I hope you get it. That is a smokin' deal. Keep us posted. Eddie
  6. eddielasvegas

    Hard Work Paid Off

    Congrats and how did I miss this thread! Here in AZ? Which unit? Did you have a chainsaw to take care of the tree? Eddie
  7. eddielasvegas


    I love everything about my 1895GS. GLWS, Eddie
  8. Man, would this be a great hunt to be part of! Best of luck finding a replacement. 👍 Eddie
  9. eddielasvegas

    JR elk hunt 2 weeks away, can’t wait!!!

    Well done Shooter et al! Well done. Eddie
  10. eddielasvegas

    Sunday unit 23 cow tag filled!

    Congrats and well done!!! Eddie
  11. eddielasvegas

    Bubba’s Cow-A-Saurus

    Congrats and good story and pix. That is one large cow. Any idea of its weight? Eddie
  12. eddielasvegas

    Buying a 4runner …need some real feedback

    Starting with 3rd gen ('96-'02) T4R's and later, they are very solid vehicles with excellent 4WD drive trains. Spend some time HERE. Lots of good info and smart people. Dig deep, and get a little lucky in your search, as the world knows what great cars they are as prices have risen sharply for anything below 300k mileage, rust free, mostly accident free and with a decent maintenance history. I got lucky and bought my '01 three years ago before the prices went cra cra. At only 178k miles, I fully expect this to last way longer than I will be able to drive it. It was stock when I bought it. Good luck, Eddie
  13. eddielasvegas

    off road tire pressure

    All that I've read says you can lower your recommended tire pressure by 25% without fear of breaking your bead. If any more than 25%, I'd look into bead locks for your tires and rims. This is a whole other conversation but suffice it to says it's a bit involved and is not cheap. I have no direct experience with the above, it's simply what I read on the Interwebz so it must be true. 😁 Good luck, Eddie P.S. I watch this CHANNEL regularly and Matt deals with this in his line of work, and of course, his main recovery vehicle has bead locks.
  14. eddielasvegas

    Wife's Rifle Bull

    Congrats and good story and pix. Which unit? Eddie
  15. ****** NO LONGER NEEDED ***** Hello All, Looking for a small-to-medium bino pack (prefer AGC, but not wedded to this brand) for my 8x42 binos. Would like it to have zippered pockets and be in good shape. FTF only in greater Phoenix. If you have an unused pack laying around, drop me a PM with the deets or post a pic and info here. Thanks, Eddie
  16. eddielasvegas

    Wife's first hunt ever! Wyoming Antelope

    Congrats and good story and pix. Eddie
  17. eddielasvegas

    Optics Rentals - Delete

    Maybe my reply was not on point based on other responses so here's my mea culpa. https://rossoutdoors.com/store/Optic-Rentals-c29234003/ And the above is an AZ company which is always a good thing since most of CWT is AZ based. I would shop around as prices seem to vastly different. Eddie
  18. eddielasvegas

    Optics Rentals - Delete

    Here's my 2 cents and my advice is prolly worth what you pay for it. Hahaha. Renting is an option, but I found it a little pricey plus the other intangibles like worrying about damage or loss, etc.. If you have the time, find a deal on a quality used pair and make those work for her trip and then adjust as necessary if they are the wrong ones for any reason. If you buy a quality pair at a decent price, you'll get a lot of your money back if you have to sell as quality binos hold their value well. Good luck, Eddie
  19. Selling a like new AGC Denali bino pack. It is in excellent condition with no stains, abrasions or tears. Color is Ranger Green and I bought this new in 2019. The pack will hold 15x56 or 18x56 binoculars and may hold larger ones. Fitment is buyer's responsibility. Located in N. Scottsdale/NE PHX. FTF only. Price is $65. No trades. Post here and PM me if interested. Thanks, Eddie
  20. It does have restrictions, but maybe a member can use it to save sales tax. Post here and PM me for code. Thanks, Eddie
  21. eddielasvegas

    FREE - Sportsman's Warehouse 10% Off Code*

    Code claimed. Eddie
  22. eddielasvegas

    Kodiak Tent or Spring Bar experience camping in sand?

    No experience using the same tent in sand, but I do recall reading that using corkscrew type stakes work well in sand and may be an option. Good luck, Eddie
  23. **** NO LONGER AVAILABLE ***** Selling a like new pair of Vortex Kaibab HD 18x56 binoculars (MPN KAI-5618) , plus AGC Denali bino pack in excellent shape + extras. What you see in the pic is what you get. Includes factory items from Vortex, plus two (count 'em two) Vortex tripod adaptors (called UNI-DAPTOR). Been in the field a few times and the glass is perfect as is the body of the binos. These are exactly a year old. Located in N. Scottsdale/NE PHX. FTF only. Price is $825. No trades. Post here and PM me if interested. Thanks, Eddie