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  1. I can’t tell you all what an inspiration Jasmine and her dad were to all of us. Jasmine was such a great student, soaking up everything we had to say. We met with her and her dad Matt pre-season to see how she could shoot. This girl can shoot. She and her dad sat actually sat a blind on opening day and had a buck come in but was unable to get a shot at it. After sitting the blind for a day she said she wanted to try spot and stalk. I had no idea she would be such a good student. You read her story and that is exactly how the morning went. I could go on and on about the few days I was able to spend with them, they are such great people. Thanks Amanda for introducing me to the Burkes, I am honored to say that we’re good friends and I was invited to attended Matt’s retirement ceremony from the Air Force. Thanks Bryce for your Ninja like stalking skills and getting Jasmine three shot opportunities, we couldn’t have done it without you. I told Matt I wouldn’t call him out on this but I lied. The day after Jasmine sat the blind Matt went by himself and sat the blind and actually got three shots off at some pretty good bucks and I can tell you that rage broad heads do not have enough cutting surface to kill a concrete drinker . Towards the end on the hunt Matt went back in to the blind and sat it with his youngest daughter Adena and he got another shot off and another clean miss. You’ve got to love time in the field with family.

    Bowhunter Happening July 19-21 Mormon Lake

    Team Young Gunz will be there in the vendor Pit. Come by and say hi. Carl

    Remington Model 7400 (30.06)


    Need Bow Restrung

    Terrell With AZ Custom Bowstrings in San Tan Valley will always have my business (480-201-2592) I use him exclusively and I live in Tucson.

    Remington Model 7400 (30.06)

    Price dropped.
  6. This Saturday and Sunday was the 2013 winter Hunting and Angling Heritage Work Group (HAHWG) meeting. This year it was held in Tucson at the SCI International Wildlife Museum. It was a great time visiting with old friends and meeting some new ones. Some of the this year’s agenda items covered were past and future conservation, youth and adult events, new hunter recruitment and methods on how to retain them, how the different conservation groups, hunting clubs and individuals can partner up with each other as well as Industry (retail) partners to aid in making future events more productive and efficient as well as possible steps that Game and Fish are taking to simplify the licensing process. A very hot topic that was brought up and a considerable amount of time spent was on the closure of the Big Boquillas Ranch. I would highly recommend all of you that visit and hunt on the Boquillas to read up on the changes that are coming. They are substantial to say the least. Another alarming but not very surprising trend that was discussed was the shrinking number of people spending time in the outdoors. With just a little effort we could all make such a difference in so many peoples’ lives. Please visit the AZGFD website and click on the Outdoor Skills tab to find out how you can help pass on the tradition and heritage that we all cherish. A huge thank you to Arizona Elk Society and the Tucson Sportsmans Warehouse for the wonderful food and hospitality. Team Young Gunz can not wait for the Womens Javelina Hunt.

    Remington Model 7400 (30.06)

    Sorry, it's a package.

    Remington Model 7400 (30.06)

    Selling my Remington Model 7400 chambered in 30.06, topped with a Leupold Vari-X I 3-9. Rifle comes with 4 magazines. Great, smooth shooting semi auto rifle. Asking $500.00. Please call me rather than PM'ing me. 520-405-3730. Tucson Area. Thanks, Carl
  9. Way to go guys. It was a lot of fun hunting with you and Dylan this year. One heck of year for you guys. Carl
  10. After four and a half months of stress and planning, the 1st annual Team Young Gunz Outdoors (TYGO) Ms. Adventurez / National Wild Turkey Federation Women In The Outdoors (NWTF/WITO), Coues Camp was here. On the morning of November 8th we, along with mentors and students started rolling in to camp for the long set up. It took until dark to set up all of the gear that Steve Clark with the Arizona Elk Society (AES) graciously supplied and manned for the camp. After a great dinner of hamburgers, potato salad and chips, instruction on general camp & field safety, ethic’s, shot placement on the Coues Deer and mentor/student pairing we all headed to bed. Opening morning came early and after a quick breakfast, cups of coffee and hot chocolate all the students and mentors headed out for what would be for most of the students their first Big Game hunt. At the end of the day everyone had found deer, many shots were fired and three Coues Deer were harvested. For all three of the successful ladies, Janet, Kacie and Stacy, this was the first big game they shot at. Once the ladies skinned their own deer we took them across the camp site to our mobile meat processor, Camo Cuts, that we had on site and their deer were done the next day for them. Once our dinner of BBQ chicken and beef and salad was finished a repeat of the previous nights instruction for the mentors and students that came in on Friday was given we all headed off to bed. After a very long night of wind, rain and even some snow, coffee and breakfast at 4 a.m. officially started day two. It ended with exactly the same results. Lots of deer found, many shots fired and three more Coues Deer taken. Jacqueline, Theresa and Beth were the fortunate hunters of the day. For two of the ladies it was their first deer and the other, her second deer. Again, after skinning their own deer, two of the ladies took their deer across the camp to the processor. Saturday night brought New York strip steaks, mashed potatoes and corn for the hungry camp. We held a raffle for a custom knife that was handmade especially for the event by a friend of TYGO. Terrel at AZ Custom Bow Strings put over 50 hours of work into its construction. A second prize of a custom varmint caller was donated by Jerry Gollubier. Both items were beautifully crafted and happily received by the winning ticket holders. After several photo sessions it was bedtime and the end of day two. 4 a.m. on the third and final day was cold. So having a hot cup of coffee and warm steak quesadillas really hit the spot. More shots were taken but no more deer were harvested. After a long five hour tear down of camp, the inaugural Team Young Gunz Outdoors Ms. Adventurez Coues Deer Camp was in the books. The overall success of our camp would not have been possible if it were not for the collaborative efforts of everyone involved. TYGO, NWTF/WITO, AES and CouesWhitetail.com, Sportsman’s Warehouse and Cabelas who provided giveaways and discount coupons, Bass Pro Shop for discounted purchase of back packs that were provided to each student, Arizona Game and Fish Department/ Hunting and Angling Heritage Work Group for the grant money, Camo Cuts Mobile Meat Processing, Bad Boy Buggies, AZ Custom Bow Strings, Jerry Gollubier, and FICO (Sahuarita Pecan Farms) for the firewood donation. Thanks to the students, some of which came from out of state, for putting your trust in us and giving 110% for three long, grueling days. And last but not least, thank you to the volunteer mentors (some coming as far away as San Diego) for whom we are deeply humbled and grateful for your passion and shared vision of passing on the tradition of being in the Outdoors and Hunting. See you all at the next camp. Team Young Gunz Outdoors Carl Young - Director Scott Beck - Director Derrick Greene - Director I'm sure you guys want some pics, so use the link below. Way too many to put up here. Thanks again. http://www.teamyounggunz.com/2012-womens-coues-whitetail-hunt.html

    My Wife's first buck

    Atta boy!!! Way to get it done.

    Women's Coues Hunting Camp Nov 9-11, 2012

    Here's a link to the maps for the camp. Can't wait to see you guys there, it should be great time. http://www.teamyounggunz.com/maps-to-womens-coues-camp.html
  13. That was such a great (short) but great hunt. Watching you and Dillon and John and Tina together that morning was such an inspiration. Watching John have a harder time keeping his composure than Tina was priceless. We can’t thank you guys enough for letting us be a part of such a special moment between family and friends. Carl
  14. Couldn't agree more with your last few sentences. Nicely done!