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  1. dcarrot


    Not yet.
  2. dcarrot

    wolf info

    Sounds like they're crying wolf to me.
  3. dcarrot

    Operation Bear Bones

    We are also leaving out the middle man in this problem, the county attorney. That's the guy who prosecutes the case and offers the plea agreements. He also gets elected along with the JP. I guarantee the Wardens weren't happy about any outcomes with a $25 fine. Any of you who live in the JP/county attorneys areas should write them a letter and complain about these low fines.
  4. dcarrot

    Trail Cam Molester!!

    I agree. No way this bear grows up. This isn't a Disney movie.
  5. dcarrot


    Wait, did you see that! A black helicopter just flew over.
  6. dcarrot

    This is bullcrap

    I agree, pulling a weapon and claiming to be protecting your "leased" grazing land isn't right. Sounds like our legal system worked in this case.
  7. I think the vast majority of snake bites are to people who screw with them, you know, get close for pictures, poke em with sticks and such. I've always let the ones that rattle go, and kill those that don't. I want to keep those rattling genes in the population.
  8. dcarrot

    Zeiss Binocular Sale

    These are some smoking good prices, look around on the net and you will see.
  9. dcarrot

    Moving to NM

    Nope. You'd still have to apply for non-resident tags, just with a resident AZ license.
  10. dcarrot

    North Kaibab deer

    It's not just snow cover that dictates winter movements.
  11. dcarrot

    Headed to Utah again

    Which is why we should all belong to the National conservation organizations such as RMEF, NWTF, Mule Deer Foundation, DU, SCI, FNAWS. And your state orgs as well.
  12. dcarrot

    North Kaibab deer

    Modern math, huh?
  13. He's not an "anti", he's a hunter.
  14. dcarrot

    Moving to NM

    How do you go about getting a landowner permit?
  15. That's the way I read it too. Lots of crying wolf on a bill that looks pretty straight forward.