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    Not yet.
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    wolf info

    Sounds like they're crying wolf to me.
  3. dcarrot

    Operation Bear Bones

    We are also leaving out the middle man in this problem, the county attorney. That's the guy who prosecutes the case and offers the plea agreements. He also gets elected along with the JP. I guarantee the Wardens weren't happy about any outcomes with a $25 fine. Any of you who live in the JP/county attorneys areas should write them a letter and complain about these low fines.
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    Trail Cam Molester!!

    I agree. No way this bear grows up. This isn't a Disney movie.
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    Wait, did you see that! A black helicopter just flew over.
  6. dcarrot

    This is bullcrap

    I agree, pulling a weapon and claiming to be protecting your "leased" grazing land isn't right. Sounds like our legal system worked in this case.
  7. I think the vast majority of snake bites are to people who screw with them, you know, get close for pictures, poke em with sticks and such. I've always let the ones that rattle go, and kill those that don't. I want to keep those rattling genes in the population.
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    Zeiss Binocular Sale

    These are some smoking good prices, look around on the net and you will see.
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    Moving to NM

    Nope. You'd still have to apply for non-resident tags, just with a resident AZ license.
  10. dcarrot

    North Kaibab deer

    It's not just snow cover that dictates winter movements.
  11. dcarrot

    Headed to Utah again

    Which is why we should all belong to the National conservation organizations such as RMEF, NWTF, Mule Deer Foundation, DU, SCI, FNAWS. And your state orgs as well.
  12. dcarrot

    North Kaibab deer

    Modern math, huh?
  13. He's not an "anti", he's a hunter.
  14. dcarrot

    Moving to NM

    How do you go about getting a landowner permit?
  15. That's the way I read it too. Lots of crying wolf on a bill that looks pretty straight forward.
  16. dcarrot

    North Kaibab deer

    It's not that straight forward. Here's an example used at a Hunter Ed class I was at. You have a jar, it will hold 100 marbles and no more. Right now that jar is filled with 50 red and 50 blue. You can't get anymore red in, no matter what. But if you remove 10 blue ones you can add 10 red ones. Still 100 marbles but now 60 red ones and 40 blue ones. It's a simple explanation of carrying capacity but it helps to visualize it. If you are over the carrying capacity on the winter range, then removing some does will allow for more bucks.
  17. H.R. 984 "The Executive Branch Reform Act of 2007" Background: The purpose of this bill is to reform operations of the executive branch by requiring that executive branch officials record any significant contacts during each quarter between themselves and any private party relating to an official government action. “Significant contact†is defined as oral or written communication (including electronic communication) that is made by a private party who is seeking to influence official action by any officer or employee of the execute branch of the United States. The only exception would be made for lobbying contacts as defined by the Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995. A “private party†is defined as any person or entity, but does not include a federal, state, or local government official or a person representing such an official. IMO this bill is aimed at having the Executive Branch, not Legislative Branch, keep a log of all contacts. Might help when emails just "disappear" as they recently have.
  18. dcarrot

    North Kaibab deer

    They tried to "herd" the excess deer off the Kaibab years ago, utter failure. Moving large numbers of ungulates is cost prohibitive, and would probably result in many deer dieing in the capture/transport process. The bottom line is habitat. And up there the limiting habitat is winter range. You have to improve the range to increase the deer herd. The large doe/fawn ratio coming will impact that habitat and hurt the long term productivity of the Kaibab. Sacrifice some does now so there can be more bucks in the future.
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    Unfortunately there were inaccuracies in this piece, such as the guns being illegal, they weren't, purchased at two different places with the appropriate checks. And I'm not sure the people of Deadwood or Tombstone would concur that their crime rates were lower than ours. There were good points in this piece also, but the bottom line is that a bad deed was done and it is hard for people to understand the how and why's of it. So they question. That's what Americans do. I'd say people every where.
  20. dcarrot

    Favorite Trophy Photos

    Elkhunter, that was a fun series. You went through a few hats and a hair change!
  21. dcarrot

    AZ Diamondbacks

    There is a Holiday Inn Express within walking distance to the park formerly known as BOB! Good motel, secure parking, and breakfast. http://www.ichotelsgroup.com/h/d/ex/1/en/h...elsearchresults Phoenix Downtown 620 NORTH 6TH STREET PHOENIX, AZ 85004 UNITED STATES Hotel Reservations: 1 800 315 2621 Hotel Front Desk: 1-602-4522020
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    Favorite Trophy Photos

    My favorite trophy photos are my sons first Abert's and a couple of years later, Coues.
  23. dcarrot

    C/W member says his card got hit

    Jeremiah Johnson. Great flick, Ajo.
  24. dcarrot

    Bobcat mount back!

    Looks great, who did it for you?