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  1. runningbird

    Outdoor Writer

    That's sad news. He always had a story to share. Happy Hunting Tony
  2. runningbird

    Why do they keep doing this?

    There is zero discipline in schools and really no consequence's. And this is not the fault of the schools or administration. our society has tied their hands. Our mental health help is non existent. Even if you or a loved one know that help is needed, it is almost impossible to get. This is 10x more so if your are looking for help for some one under 18, which is the exact opposite of the way it should be.
  3. runningbird

    23 North Early Archery

    maybe they need a guide to even up the fights. Or at least bring someone to hang out in camp. It's nice to not worry about your camp the day after your first confrontation.
  4. runningbird

    23 North Early Archery

    It's a great area, can be a great hunt. But be ready for confrontations when you get on the bull of your dreams. Only 15 tags for archery but 300 helpers it can be very frustrating. When you are told to back out because they have a hunter on that bull. and then you see a sxs racing down a road and out jumps 3 more helpers and 1 hunter to go after the bull you are already on.................... I don't want to discourage you but make you aware of what can happen. My thought is pattern and be out where you want to by 3 a.m. Best of luck.
  5. runningbird

    AZGFD Software Job

    absolutely no way they will find anyone good or even decent with that pay scale. I've got children that could do that job and one of them worked for G&F during college. But with bad benifits and pay compared to other places in that field, it just won't happen.
  6. runningbird

    Geology Help

    I'd be searching for a cave nearby.
  7. runningbird

    This day in history...

    where to find this information?? Attend 3rd grade in AZ in the 60's Regarding the line to Yuma. Maybe a surveyor was sick but Mexico flat out refused the ports and demanded a 50 mile wide area so not make Baja an Island to their country. For this reason the Gadsden purchase was actually considered a failure at the time.
  8. runningbird

    Unit 23 north map

    23 is a tough hunt on your body. Especially for archery. lots of up and down. And yes cameras all over certain areas has of last weekend. Of course these are for research purposes only.
  9. runningbird

    Unit 23 north map

    I think you should ask the A3 guide service. They seem to know the boundaries well.
  10. runningbird

    I'm too scared to title this.. It's just funny

    that Bull identified has a cow.
  11. runningbird

    Feral Horses Black River

    I was up in the area scouting, looking around Saturday. Elk have not come back to the area yet. But tons of horse poop. I actually get angry when people refer to them has wild horses. just idiotic. We have quite a few horses and love them, But without feed constantly available they end up being destructive. They just do what it takes to survive.... In the late 60's early 70's my dad lost a job. My parents went to the local butcher and found horse meat was 1/2 the price of beef. so it was an easy choice... I'll never forget, best meat I'd ever had. so if I had a chance to get a tag for a horse I'm in. They do not belong ruining or forest.
  12. runningbird

    hunting/camping solo

    I hunt alone most of the time. sometimes over a month. Rule at my house is , if I don't come home don't come looking for me.
  13. runningbird

    Storm Precip

    .9" of rain, then 2" of snow over night. perfect, snow all gone at home but the mountains all around still covered with snow. It's my perfect idea of a snow storm.
  14. runningbird

    First Javelina (Warning long read)

    great story, thanks for taking us along.
  15. runningbird

    Any electricians on here?

    ummm, you just set yourself up for a thread that will eventually get deleted. 😂
  16. runningbird

    Any electricians on here?

    he said it was a very old home. could just be one breaker per room. we have 3 homes built between 1940 and 1951 . they are set up that way. my guess is new gfci is wired wrong. it can get confusing when you are new to electric.
  17. runningbird

    Which Hunting Rig?

    we have a 2006 liberty with the diesel. almost 300k on it. great little suv. excellent transfer case. I know nothing about the gas models.
  18. runningbird

    Feeling a bit discouraged

    I tried a back tension release. was great for practice. I absolutely could not hunt with the dang thing.
  19. runningbird

    Antis at it again. Lions and Bears.

    sorry to say, but hunters and fisherman in general are lazy when it comes to the political part of our sport. We would rather spend our precious free time outdoors. On the other hand the anti's love and spend their time fighting for what they want or believe in.
  20. runningbird

    Which Hunting Rig?

    I have a Cherokee. But if I was flat towing, I would get a geo. One of the most over looked little rigs out there. Don't look great, and not much after market fun things to add on. But they flat out go places. and they are inexpensive compared to other rigs.
  21. runningbird

    Feeling a bit discouraged

    haha, we all go thru this. I tell my family, I'm a great hunter , but a terrible killer. After 40 years of archery hunting I still get horrible buck fever. On the other hand my son or I can get my wife on a deer or elk and she kills every time. I don't think I've ever seen her miss live game. Bad hit on a Javilina once but that's it. I would say most of my issues are, I put too much pressure on myself. I figure if you are missing at 40 yards you would still be missing at 10 yards. You either do things right or you don't.
  22. runningbird

    Was this the buffalo incident everone was talking about

    I think next time I get drawn for archery deer on the Kaibab I'll put salt at every pond in my area. Apparently that make the pond my own private hunting spot. You can drive by 50% of the water holes up there and see an un occupied blind or treestand. It seems some of you think that implies its off limits to everyone else that didn't place the salt or stand?
  23. runningbird


    2.2" here from the storm. Tonto creek running at about 6'
  24. runningbird

    North of the Ditch hunts

    I hunted archery season. I've been in the same area since 1985. Nothing in the past compared to how poor my hunt was. I even drove back home twice just to get away. very frustrating. weather was perfect , should have been deer every where. The other hunters I ran into said the same. It wasn't just deer. I saw and heard very few coyotes. not even many birds. Just a confusing hunt.
  25. runningbird


    .6" here. steady rain for 6 hours.