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  1. runningbird

    Rivers are Running!! Fill them lakes up

    I grew up at the rainbow trout farm / campground and trailer park in oak creek. we had a few years like this. we had a cable with a big bucket to get across during the floods. I'll tell you, that was a scary deal in the pitch dark, I'm always amazed that the big one hasn't cleared the whole canyon.
  2. runningbird

    Rivers are Running!! Fill them lakes up

    it will fill today, then be over 100% soon. The salt is usually a day or so behind tonto creek, so it is just beginning to rise. Here at my place I checked one of my wells yesterday. Water was 4' below the surface.
  3. runningbird

    Rivers are Running!! Fill them lakes up

    Roosevelt could fill up in 2 days, by the sound of tonto creek right now. When you can hear the boulders crashing that creek is roaring.
  4. runningbird


    I seem to remember the name Alan Hamberlin. I could be wrong but wasn't he the money behind HB 2072 the tag grab attempt ?
  5. runningbird

    Who's the oldest hunter you know?

    I have a good friend in CA, Roy Brill. I met him in 1988 archery hunting in Kaibab. He grew up in Africa hunting with the natives. his Parents were missionaries. Roy is 91 now, still archery hunts. Roy also takes his Harley out for a 35 mile ride 2 times a week. Roy has the best attitude about life and living to the fullest I have every seen. He has had some very hard things in his time. He just keeps going.
  6. runningbird

    Kuiu gear (pictures)

    PM sent
  7. runningbird

    Kvichak AK

    yes, please post some pictures and tell us about your trip. In 2000 I took my 3 children and spent 2 months in AK. We loved it, my middle son hooked and landed a king in the first 10 min of fishing. We caught and sent home a ton of salmon, it was pretty cheap back then. But we honestly enjoyed the inland areas more than the coast. Seemed like we had hundreds of square miles to ourselves.
  8. runningbird

    Archery Kills rolling in already

    I've found muleys near the road many times archery hunting. One year on the north rim I had already killed my buck and took my daughter who was 5 out. We found a giant, over 185 just rubbed his velvet off. He was within 5 yards of the road. we were 30 yards from him for 15 min. Every time a truck came by he would lay his head down. I think 5 trucks or quads came by road hunting and none of them saw him or us. Pretty funny.
  9. runningbird

    Archery Kills rolling in already

    We live on the border of 22/23 once riffle season starts its a total joke. People camping 100 yards from homes. Very hard to even take a horse out for a ride with the quads and sxs's hauling butt everywhere. Not to mention creating new trails. We probably see 30% of the number of deer we would see around 2000.
  10. runningbird

    Yep for shore wild

    I just got back from near forest lakes. Lots of horses, but how about 2500 sheep. They were eating everything in their path. Between the horses and sheep every pond is dry.
  11. runningbird

    Outdoor Writer

    That's sad news. He always had a story to share. Happy Hunting Tony
  12. runningbird

    Why do they keep doing this?

    There is zero discipline in schools and really no consequence's. And this is not the fault of the schools or administration. our society has tied their hands. Our mental health help is non existent. Even if you or a loved one know that help is needed, it is almost impossible to get. This is 10x more so if your are looking for help for some one under 18, which is the exact opposite of the way it should be.
  13. runningbird

    23 North Early Archery

    maybe they need a guide to even up the fights. Or at least bring someone to hang out in camp. It's nice to not worry about your camp the day after your first confrontation.
  14. runningbird

    23 North Early Archery

    It's a great area, can be a great hunt. But be ready for confrontations when you get on the bull of your dreams. Only 15 tags for archery but 300 helpers it can be very frustrating. When you are told to back out because they have a hunter on that bull. and then you see a sxs racing down a road and out jumps 3 more helpers and 1 hunter to go after the bull you are already on.................... I don't want to discourage you but make you aware of what can happen. My thought is pattern and be out where you want to by 3 a.m. Best of luck.