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  1. 30-378shtr

    weatherby 30 378 brass

    have 67 pieces of mostly once fired Weatherby brass. $60 free shipping 30 pieces of new/once fired Norma brass for sale. $30 free shipping Or...$75 for all of it. Call or Text Shane 480-244-6574
  2. Here is the video of our hunt. Jay Park did an excellent job of putting together this video clip of our hunt. Thanks again to Jay for the video and sharing camp and to Cade, Triclawps, and the Hawkins gang. What a great year!
  3. I patterned this buck for 3 weeks only to find his waterhole dried up on opening day. I located him again near his secondary watersource on the 3rd day. 460 yards later and off the Triclawps and he was mine. This is the first buck that I've actually patterened and was able to harvest, which makes him even more satisfying. Video coming later... Thanks to Cade, Jay, Triclawps, Ryan, Kris and Dave. Hunting with friends and family always makes it easier and more pleasurable!! He was a very young deer and I can only imagine what he'd be in another couple years.
  4. 30-378shtr

    Opening day success

    Nice buck! He beat me by two inches!! Thanks for helping with my buck too!
  5. 30-378shtr

    Draw Results post here

    Do not stop. Do not pass GO. Go Directly to VEGAS. Right now. That's unbelievable.
  6. 30-378shtr

    Draw Results post here

    I sure love December!!
  7. 30-378shtr

    Draw results?

    The middle weeks of July are the LONGEST days of work EVERY YEAR!!!! I wonder if my bosses notice the increase in long distance calls to 602-942-3000?
  8. 30-378shtr

    Santana Outdoors $200 "Winners Posted!"

    done. 2x's
  9. 30-378shtr

    shorthair pups

    I am possibly interested in the bitch. email me info at sms0131@gmail.com pics please. Also, are the parents AKC? Hunt club? Trials? anything? Thanks, Shane.
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    I'm pretty sure that one has been "snoped".
  12. 30-378shtr

    Hot desert Mule Deer hunt

  13. 30-378shtr

    Unit 22

    Something nobody has mentioned just yet... I know CW.com site sponsor Borderland Adventures knows unit 22 very well. I just hunted with them for the archery hunt, they definately know their stuff! maybe consider one of their "scout packages" for an economical alternative to a fully guided hunt or using your own gas and money to scout. That's what I'm considering for my nephew's rifle hunt.
  14. 30-378shtr

    Quiet AND Waterproof jacket

    Im not sure if they make it anymore... My Browning HydroFleece is pretty good. Goretex and soft fleece outer shell. zip in/out removable insulation jacket as well. Look into that one.