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  1. richs4839

    Black Jag in Phx?

    Second, the fat layer. The buck I harvested this past Tuesday had so much fat that I ever never seen before on any of my previous coues. They were eating good this year.
  2. richs4839


    I will take any M & P left over? Let me know. Need a pistol for the wife.
  3. richs4839

    Like new freezer $200

    agree what is your bottom dollar? I need a freezer but not willing to pay $200 for this one.
  4. richs4839

    Garmin Inreach Explorer+

    still available? would you take $150?
  5. richs4839

    Garmin 66i GPS + inReach

    would you take $200?
  6. richs4839

    Taurus G3C 9mm

    Have a bad lands pack I’ll trade. Pm me. I’ll add some cash.
  7. I got a new I phone 12 through work and was looking for a digiscope set up. I was looking at the Phone Skope case and adapter but after it was in my cart it was $100. I was wondering if anyone on here had anything used they would be willing to sell? or had any advice on a setup? I heard Phone Skope can be hard to focus sometimes. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.
  8. Is this still available? Any clue if the setup would work on I phone 12 with 15x56 vortex diamondbacks? Let me now. Thank you
  9. richs4839


    what do you want for the legs? What is the max height? My tripod broke the other day. I need of a new one.
  10. richs4839

    Looking for a Tripod LOWER PRICED Not $500

    recommend a head? I see they have a refurbished silk 700 for sale. It is the SVH model though.
  11. richs4839

    Looking for a Tripod LOWER PRICED Not $500

    Only problem is I am 6’3” and if needed it is nice to be able to glass standing. A lot of these tripods are only 56”. Yes I try to glass with legs extended as short as possible.
  12. richs4839

    Looking for a Tripod LOWER PRICED Not $500

    how do you like the bushnell? Obviously like it if you are recommending it. How long have you had yours for?
  13. richs4839

    Looking for a Tripod LOWER PRICED Not $500

    Let me know if you can find the information on the vendor from the Expo. That would be awesome.
  14. I went out to look at the moon last night. Grabbed my binos and tripod to take a quick look. The head off of my Occulus tripod fell off. I think I paid $70 for the Occulus at bass pro 5-6 years ago. It worked great for the price. It was a little heavy. I hopped on the interwebs and started looking at tripods. Holy smokes $500-700 tripods. I cant find a reasonably priced tripod. Anyone have one for sale of have any suggestions. Tripod is for glassing with 15x56 binos 99% of the time. I have used my tripod to shoot off of one time.
  15. richs4839

    Garmin Inreach Explorer+

    what are you looking to get for it?