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    2001 Toyota Tacoma 4x4 SR5 TRD

    I have this reliable truck for sale. See link below. Thanks https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/cto/6961654223.html
  2. Hi I am selling 3 pairs of 511 taclite Pro pants. The khaki pants were worn maybe twice and are basically new. The two navy blue sets were worn the most but are still in great condition. Asking $75 OBO for all 3 . PM me if interested PayPal would be preferred
  3. matty_p51

    For Sale Ruger Mark III 22/45 postol

    still up for sale
  4. Selling my gently used Ruger Mark III 22 pistol with target bull barrel. Comes with 2 magazines, holster, and manual. Gun is in excellent condition. Asking $325 PM me of interested.
  5. Selling my Blue Widow pack that is in great condition. Only issue is some very light blood staining on the outside mesh where the bag expands (shown in photo). Pack includes: Butt Bucket Accessory pouch on hip belt Rain cover Zip in panel. asking $300 for all. PM me if interested. Thanks.
  6. matty_p51

    Eberlestock Blue Widow JP9 (Max-1)

    Still for sale.
  7. matty_p51

    Eberlestock Blue Widow JP9 (Max-1)

    This pack does not, but has a slot to add one right behind the frame close to your back. This pack is basically the Dragonfly without the attached gun scabbard,
  8. matty_p51

    Eberlestock Blue Widow JP9 (Max-1)

    Yes, Queen Creek
  9. Brand New Pack Asking $230. I would prefer making the transaction through PayPal and I will ship to you. PM me if interested thanks.
  10. $220 for new 2200 pack. I Live in Queen Creek and frequently visit Tucson. If anyone wants to meet me for the purchase. I'm also heading to Flag for the Mormon Lake shoot if anyone up there is interested thanks.
  11. Still for sale. Send me a message if interested or email me at matty_p714@yahoo.com
  12. 2900 ci. I don't think u can get different torso lengths in the 2200 if that's what you're asking. it's just a standard pack Thanks
  13. Hi I am selling these 2 knives together as a package deal. Knives of Alaska Alpha Wolf (fixed) and Gator Gerber (folding) serrated. Both include cases. Asking $50 for both. If interested please Email or PM me. Email for a faster response at matty_p714@yahoo.com
  14. matty_p51

    Fishing Rods and Reels

    I am selling 4 rod and reel combos. 1. (New) nevery used Cabla's King Kat Pro Rod and Reel Combo $40 2. Quantum Iron IR300C Reel with Berkley lIghtning Rod $50 (used) 3. Abu Garcia Ambassader 600 with w/ Zebo Rhino Rod. $40 (used) 4. Abu Garcia Ambassader 5500KC3 w/ Gatorback rod . $45 (used) Will sell all together for $140.00 Please PM me Thanks
  15. matty_p51

    Fishing Rods and Reels

    I will also sell all 3 baitcast reels together, without rods, for $100. Thanks
  16. For Sale 2010-11 Hoyt Trykon Sport Package. 30-40 pounds cam & 1/2 plus! Draw length adjustable from 23in - 25.5in Package includes... Fuse black duralight 4 arrow quiver Fuse 6in axium stabilizer Wisker biscuit quick shot rest, size small trophy ridge 5 pin sight with working light tru peep Wrist sling Bow has barley been used and is in excellent condtion Also included brand new Scott Shark release..(it didn't fit my wife) Asking $525 shipped. PM me if interested