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  1. elkhutnaz

    CC hits?

    Anyone get hit? I had 36 points going in and was thinking this was the year but nothing so far
  2. elkhutnaz

    Only 1 hour until cards start getting hit

    Hit 12A east late or 17B dec, either way tag in the house
  3. elkhutnaz

    Pace 20’ enclosed trailer

    Homemade toyhauler looking to sell $9000 into it will take $6500 lifted ext tongue E track thru out Queen size bed set up with back bunks shower with 12 kv led lights inside and out great hunting rig looking for more with family getting bigger get set up everything breaks down, don’t want to sell but need to , fits out fitted crew ranger and most other toys. thanks Andy 6023590389
  4. elkhutnaz

    Pace 20’ enclosed trailer

  5. elkhutnaz

    Pace 20’ enclosed trailer

  6. elkhutnaz

    OTC gobbler down

    Got out Friday am and found myself in the right place at the right time, called a gobbler off the roost into two decoys and hammered him at 30 yards, done at 530 am and for breakfast and ad fresh turkey nuggets for lunch. Thanks
  7. elkhutnaz

    OTC gobbler down

    We ended up soaking him in pickle juice for an hour and just used some breading and fried in some oil. Some hot sauce and ranch was awesome.
  8. elkhutnaz

    Pace 20’ enclosed trailer

  9. elkhutnaz

    Pace 20’ enclosed trailer

    Yes Sir
  10. elkhutnaz

    Pace 20’ enclosed trailer

    93.5" wide, 81" tall at opening, 84" between wheel well
  11. elkhutnaz

    Pace 20’ enclosed trailer

    throw in solar panel $6500 need to try to get rid of it this week, thanks
  12. elkhutnaz

    A3 Golden Boy Jed Larson Convicted of Poaching

  13. elkhutnaz

    A3 Golden Boy Jed Larson Convicted of Poaching

    You sound like a little angry boy, go put your hood back on and burn some crosses while you are at it!!!
  14. elkhutnaz

    Gas money

    looks like a few wolves as well, lol
  15. elkhutnaz

    Late rifle coues

    Frank the Tank...tell Dad hello and good job boys!!
  16. elkhutnaz

    What am I?

  17. elkhutnaz

    My 13A Muley

    Great buck Jason...good job
  18. elkhutnaz

    Unit 10 Bull

    Muzzleloader hunt also with 75 tags, missed that but if you heard "shots" thinking rifle??
  19. elkhutnaz

    Unit 10 Bull

    call Game and Fish there are only 15 tags for the Champs hunt, they might have a easier time getting ahold of the hunters...
  20. elkhutnaz

    outdoorsman fluid head

    I have one I got for my BTX's and I love it, also used my 15's off it and like everything about it but yeah is some coin.
  21. elkhutnaz

    UT general hunt

    Was lucky to tag out and come home for a few days before heading up to CO for the third season, saw some great country and had a good solo trip, bride and little guy were happy daddy finished up early. funky little 2 by 4.
  22. elkhutnaz

    UT general hunt

    was in Fillmore
  23. elkhutnaz

    Credit card hits

    Pending $50 charge on Cabelas Capital one showing up, pig tags so far.....
  24. elkhutnaz

    Input sought from elk hunters

    Rather have less tags and better herds than what we are doing now. Wouldn't even mind seeing units get closed on a rotating basis but that will never happen.
  25. elkhutnaz

    First Archery Buck

    way to go Davey!!