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  1. elkhutnaz

    BOLO: Stolen camp trailer from San Tan Valley

    Yup, you get your stuff stolen and you get to pay more insurance, great deal and the meth heads walk.
  2. Munds Park, pricey but right on your way off I17
  3. elkhutnaz

    Leftover question

    yeah, posted yesterday
  4. elkhutnaz

    Leftover question

    Original number was 225 in regs early Oct hunt so not sure what’s up
  5. elkhutnaz

    Leftover question

    Put in for a hunt that had 225 tags got issued tag number 233 thinking tags turned back in thru point guard?? or the state is just trying to make a little more money either way I am hunting and happy what you think? maybe Clinton’s had something to do with it? they killed some other tag holders? Andy
  6. elkhutnaz


    Have a few people lined up to look at it give me a call if you want to be added thanks Andy
  7. elkhutnaz


    Picked up a quad last fall for Utah hunt and didn't draw this year, don't want to see it sit for another year and not get used, need $2500, new back tires, LED lights, front struts, seat cover, has pull start, clean title notarized and ready to go, located in Sun City Cover, bag, rifle rack for front rack not shown,. Andy 6023590389
  8. elkhutnaz

    CC hits?

    Anyone get hit? I had 36 points going in and was thinking this was the year but nothing so far
  9. elkhutnaz

    Only 1 hour until cards start getting hit

    Hit 12A east late or 17B dec, either way tag in the house
  10. elkhutnaz


  11. elkhutnaz


  12. elkhutnaz

    OTC gobbler down

    We ended up soaking him in pickle juice for an hour and just used some breading and fried in some oil. Some hot sauce and ranch was awesome.
  13. elkhutnaz

    OTC gobbler down

    Got out Friday am and found myself in the right place at the right time, called a gobbler off the roost into two decoys and hammered him at 30 yards, done at 530 am and for breakfast and ad fresh turkey nuggets for lunch. Thanks
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    Yes Sir