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  1. AZ_Hunter0917

    Rut report.

    I was in 34a this past weekend and saw no activity whatsoever
  2. AZ_Hunter0917

    Leupold VX-3i 4.5-14x40

    Price Drop. $600
  3. AZ_Hunter0917

    Ravin R29 Crossbow Predator Dusk Camo

    Price Drop $2,100
  4. AZ_Hunter0917

    Fed Arms Over Under 12 Gauge Shotgun

    Price drop $450
  5. AZ_Hunter0917

    Leupold VX-3i 4.5-14x40

    I bought it from Sportsmans here in Tucson. And had a custom dial made for it trough Leupold for my 6.5 prc so it very much is real.
  6. AZ_Hunter0917

    Leupold VX-3i 4.5-14x40

    Leupold VX-3i 4.5-14x40 CDS-ZL Wind Plex $650 obo. Located in Tucson. Will ship
  7. AZ_Hunter0917

    Fed Arms Over Under 12 Gauge Shotgun

  8. Ravin R29 Crossbow in Predator Dusk Camo. Practically brand new. Grandpa who tore his rotator cuff wanted to try it out on archery Javelina and decided it wasn't for him. Been shot less than 50 times. No problems what so ever. Comes with 10 bolts. Retail 2,600 Located in Tucson AZ, Will ship $2,300 obo
  9. AZ_Hunter0917

    Fed Arms Over Under 12 Gauge Shotgun

    Fed Arms FTS Over Under Shotgun 12 gauge 3 inch, 26 inch barrel, high vis green front sight. Comes with 5 chokes and choke wrench. Located in Tucson AZ $550 obo
  10. AZ_Hunter0917

    Coatimundi Calling

  11. AZ_Hunter0917

    Coatimundi Calling

    We were quail hunting and ran into some coatimundis and have been wanting to kill one for a while. I was wondering if you can call them in and if anyone knows what calls to use. Thanks.
  12. Went out Sunday and had no luck. Was wondering what other peoples experiences were.
  13. AZ_Hunter0917

    Mission By Mathews compund bow

    Im located in Tucson
  14. AZ_Hunter0917

    PSE Stinger Bow

  15. AZ_Hunter0917

    Mission By Mathews compund bow