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  1. HuntHike61

    Anybody know these thieves

    Not only did they steal, they made a family event of it. What is wrong with people? Of course, nobody on this site would likely know them- you probably need to go to a PETA or WWF forum for that...
  2. HuntHike61

    Unit 10 Antilope help (Please)

    Hunted 10 three years ago, mostly on BigBo. Scouted up half dozen upper 70 class bucks, but nothing BC. If that's what you are interested in, would happily share...
  3. HuntHike61

    Boots help

    I have been using Keen Targhee for the last 10 years or so. They are tough, yet the most comfortable boots I've found. I'll put 10-15 miles a day on them for 1-2 weeks straight, across all kinds of cross country including whatever rock scrambling is required with no foot issues. I use mid height boots- not sure if you like taller ones.
  4. HuntHike61

    Why we need Trail Cams

    Brutal. Unreal. Had no idea a deer could be that fanatical. Impressive video...
  5. HuntHike61

    Looking to buy a 22 rifle

    PM sent
  6. Realistic only if you find someone who is hyper paranoid about their LR primer consistency. They aren't unicorns, but they don't represent a large portion of the market.
  7. HuntHike61

    Reloading question

    That's very possible. Since it is a hand load, it may have high pressure for his rifle regardless of bullet seating though. Or it may be a mild load that could be pressed right against the lands with no issues. The problem I have with using somebody else's handloads is that they were not developed carefully for that gun. Normally, you start with milder powder charges and off the lands for the bullet being worked. Then work your way to optimal powder charge, and determine best seating with incremental changes. End result can be something that works fine in one gun, but not so good for another. Factory loads avoid this by never being hot and always being short. If I was very confident with the source of the loads, and the load was mild "per the book" with that bullet, I would be confident in seating it to match my rifle and trying it, just like I would if I was testing rounds for my gun.
  8. HuntHike61

    Reloading question

    The picture doesn't answer the question because the ogive sets the length to the lands. Unless you are saying it is too long for the magazine. Both have to be considered.
  9. HuntHike61

    Reloading question

    It's easy to do with the seating die. But I'd be concerned about doing it. I would need to know exactly what the load is (powder charge/capacity, was it full length sized, how far does it need to go back based my gun's lands, etc.) . Basically, I would need to know everything I would to develop the load for my own gun.
  10. HuntHike61

    Draw Results Posted?

    Son and I drew 13A mule deer (thought is was gonna be 13B) on the random pass. Still stoked, even with drought should be a great hunt...
  11. HuntHike61

    Hits Started

    2 tags for either 13B or 13A- sooo happy....
  12. HuntHike61

    2021 Card Hits?

    $90 hit just now- 2 AZ strip tags! Woo hoo!!!!
  13. HuntHike61

    G&F commission voted unanimously to ban trail cams

    I wish they had been more targeted with the rule myself. 9, 10, 12, 13 is where it was out of control- that's where they should have targeted it. However, SirRoyal, it isn't collusion, by definition, if you see it with your own eyes and ears. Every law and rule ever made is a series of back-and-forths just like you outlined and witnessed. No collusion, just typical politics.
  14. HuntHike61

    G&F commission voted unanimously to ban trail cams

    I agree. Just a math exercise to illustrate a point about cost to get same coverage, not a realistic new approach. I'm sure they will do exactly what you are saying. I actually think it's better for the deer that way- less people driving in and out of every tank before and during the season. If they are back at a distance, the deer will come in. And yes, while they are there, they will get much better info. But many old bucks never hit tanks at day, so some will slip by now. Just an opinion....
  15. HuntHike61

    G&F commission voted unanimously to ban trail cams

    And the math still scales. The cost of labor is the largest cost either way. Whether it's $15 or $2 and hour, the cost is 20X at minimum to get the same coverage. Yes, they will certainly reduce the coverage....