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  1. Arizona Griz

    Old rifles New powders

    I would take you up on the offer if I had a chrono. I just loaded up some 45-90 with 5744 behind a 405 grain cast bullet. Like you said, no filler. Just ordered a vernier mid range rear sight and a front globe to replace the tang peep sight and a bead front on the 1885.
  2. Arizona Griz

    Misc. cleaning out the closet items

    I will take the Garmin 60CSx.
  3. Arizona Griz

    ISO 45-70 brass

    Who did you buy your bullets from? I am starting to look for the same for my 45-90.
  4. Arizona Griz


    Those are some very nice carvings. I have a quail almost identically to yours.
  5. Arizona Griz

    Misc. Items For Sale

    I will take the Hornady 270 if you don’t mind. Sent PM and text.
  6. Arizona Griz

    Loaded for bear.........or......T-Rex

    Go bigger, I missed out on a 45-90 last week.
  7. Arizona Griz

    More late kaibab action

    That is a great buck. Congratulations.
  8. Arizona Griz


    Congratulations on a great ram!
  9. Arizona Griz

    Compilation of Arizona Trail Cam Footage

    Great video. Lots of different wildlife.
  10. Arizona Griz

    Last Minute 36B Tips

    I am in 36B too and am seeing lots and lots of does.
  11. Arizona Griz

    Late Kaibab - Almost Time

    Beautiful buck. His grin tells it all.
  12. Arizona Griz

    Thanksgiving buck

    Great job, congratulations.
  13. Arizona Griz

    My WILD 12AW Late Hunt Trip

    Great buck and adventure!
  14. Arizona Griz

    West Side Water Hauling

    As do I. 😉
  15. Arizona Griz

    1894 Winchester 38-55

    Well, how did it shoot? I am going to get a Winchester 1885 in 38-55 next month. I am looking forward in shooting it.
  16. Arizona Griz

    Good ole days on ammo prices

    The archery shop in Glendale was owned by George Ziegler. I took a deer or two to that processor in Glendale.
  17. Arizona Griz

    Good ole days on ammo prices

    I also have a few boxes of 10 gauge magnum paper shells. One box was $5.20 from Bellows Sporting Goods. My old .22 Remington ammo are the red and green boxes.
  18. Arizona Griz

    Good ole days on ammo prices

    I bought my first rifle, Remington .270 ADL from that Fedmart in the early ‘70’s for $119.99. Still have it.
  19. Arizona Griz

    Brother In Law’s 2x4

    All of those desert bucks were great. Congratulation to all of you.
  20. Arizona Griz

    Good ole days on ammo prices

    I have some old boxes of 30-30. One box was from Yellow Front for $3.69.
  21. Arizona Griz

    $$$ REDUCED Signed 1985 edition -- BOWHUNTING IN ARIZONA

    Tom has passed away, Larry is still around and the B&C scorer is Tom’s son Phil.
  22. Arizona Griz

    Biggest Buck To Date

    Very nice buck and with the lever action too.
  23. Arizona Griz

    11 years in the making.

    Great video. Congratulations on the nice buck.
  24. Arizona Griz

    Close encounters...

    Never go anywhere without it.
  25. Arizona Griz

    Ammo ID help

    It appears to be Federal Cartridge ammo.