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  1. Arizona Griz


  2. Arizona Griz

    Time Flies; CouesWhitetail.com

    20 years 4 months for me. Member #20.
  3. Arizona Griz

    .218 Bee Ammo SOLD

    I will take them. PM sent.
  4. Arizona Griz

    45-70 brass SOLD

    PM sent.
  5. Arizona Griz

    Old rifles New powders

    I would take you up on the offer if I had a chrono. I just loaded up some 45-90 with 5744 behind a 405 grain cast bullet. Like you said, no filler. Just ordered a vernier mid range rear sight and a front globe to replace the tang peep sight and a bead front on the 1885.
  6. Arizona Griz

    Misc. cleaning out the closet items

    I will take the Garmin 60CSx.
  7. Arizona Griz

    ISO 45-70 brass

    Who did you buy your bullets from? I am starting to look for the same for my 45-90.
  8. Arizona Griz


    Those are some very nice carvings. I have a quail almost identically to yours.
  9. Arizona Griz

    Misc. Items For Sale

    I will take the Hornady 270 if you don’t mind. Sent PM and text.
  10. Arizona Griz

    Loaded for bear.........or......T-Rex

    Go bigger, I missed out on a 45-90 last week.
  11. Arizona Griz

    More late kaibab action

    That is a great buck. Congratulations.
  12. Arizona Griz


    Congratulations on a great ram!
  13. Arizona Griz

    Compilation of Arizona Trail Cam Footage

    Great video. Lots of different wildlife.
  14. Arizona Griz

    Last Minute 36B Tips

    I am in 36B too and am seeing lots and lots of does.
  15. Arizona Griz

    Late Kaibab - Almost Time

    Beautiful buck. His grin tells it all.