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  1. Bucks&bulls

    Colt Trooper rescued

    Nice looking revolver and definitely worth saving. Now that she’s almost ready for the dance I think she deserves a dress tailored just for her (new holster). Leather in the picture looks like it got “massaged” with a dull knife. Not a pro by any stretch of the imagination but I have made a few field rigs that are at least serviceable.
  2. Bucks&bulls


    I’ll take the other pound of Varget. Jim
  3. Bucks&bulls

    Remember this.....

    And if you were shopping at Smitty’s you could eat breakfast first for a couple bucks, including coffee!
  4. Bucks&bulls

    WTB 10/22 and A17/A22 Trigger

    Look up Brimstone Gunsmithing, they do work on YOUR trigger group and do it for a reasonable price, might be an option for you.
  5. Bucks&bulls

    Winchester M70 Featherweight Stainless 300WM

    I have a model 70 classic in .270 Winchester, not sure of year. Bought it used unfired. Blue steel, wood stock. I was told the factory trigger was worked on at Don’s Sport Shop. The rifle is very accurate, smooth action, fit and finish is pretty good. A friend who passed away last year had two classics, one was stainless, earlier production and the other was blue, later production - both were nice rifles. I am somewhat surprised this has not sold. Especially considering the aftermarket barrel, bedded action and very attractive price.
  6. Bucks&bulls

    ISO 45-70 brass

    MidwayUSA, product #568756 Bet that 45-90 is a hoot to shoot!
  7. Bucks&bulls

    ISO 45-70 brass

    I do. I also located some brass and have some 405 grain cast bullets on the way. Should be up and shooting soon!
  8. Bucks&bulls

    ISO 45-70 brass

    I won’t be out that way during the week but might be on Sunday.
  9. Bucks&bulls

    ISO 45-70 brass

    That’s a more than generous offer and will take you up on that. I have some on order but who knows when it will show up. I can pay you back when it shows up. Where are you located? I am near 75th Avenue and Broadway in Phoenix.
  10. Bucks&bulls

    ISO 45-70 brass

    Thanks for the offer Phil but just looking to roll my own at this time.
  11. Bucks&bulls

    ISO 45-70 brass

    Looking to buy 45-70 brass. Got a new lever gun and need to scratch that itch!
  12. Bucks&bulls

    WTB, Contender Frame

    Do you want the original or the G2 frame? I think I saw an original frame at Pistol Parlor yesterday.
  13. Bucks&bulls

    Garage clean out - HD stuff

    TTT Will consider offers
  14. Bucks&bulls


    Can’t help you with Ammo but show us your work!
  15. Bucks&bulls

    Stolen Hunting Rig - Recovered!

    Actually had the same idea an posted it in the caption thread before I saw this...