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  1. I’ll take the 1911 grips if they are for full size frames.
  2. Bucks&bulls

    More ltems For Sale

    I’ll take one of the throw levers. PM sent.
  3. Bucks&bulls

    Javelina Hunts Video on YouTube

    Liked the video, good stuff there. Free tip, carry a stiff comb when in the desert. Best way I have found to remove a ball of cactus.
  4. Bucks&bulls

    WTB Marlin 45-70 lever action

    Did some looking while drinking my morning coffee. Marlin lever guns are commanding high prices right now. Link is to a 1974 vintage rifle for sale in Phoenix. Ya better sit down before you look at the price! https://www.gunsinternational.com/guns-for-sale-online/rifles/marlin-rifles/marlin-1895-45-70-1974-vintage.cfm?gun_id=101810820
  5. Bucks&bulls

    North of the Ditch hunts

    Looks like an old Mossberg .22 LR semi automatic rifle. If you look at the front of the stock it looks like it is “hinged”.
  6. Bucks&bulls

    WTB Outdoorsmans frame

    I have one you can have…fair warning, it has a little flex in the top of the frame but it’s free!
  7. Bucks&bulls

    ISO 270 Superformance 130 SST

    Could use a box or two if anyone has some to sell. May be able to trade too depending on what you may need?
  8. Bucks&bulls

    WTB hornady 6.5 prc 143 eldx

    Got an email from Palmetto State Armory at 1:30 today that says they have it.
  9. Bucks&bulls

    Gun safe recommendations

    I have a Champion safe that I really like. We had a break in a few years back and the thieves tried to pry the door open and tried to pry up the safe too! Have it anchored very well…they didn’t mess with it much and moved on to other things. It has a few small paint chips from whatever they used but that’s no big deal to me. It did it’s job!
  10. Bucks&bulls

    Hodgdon Superformance

    All powder is sold.
  11. Bucks&bulls

    Hodgdon Superformance

    Have 2 unopened 1 pound containers and one opened for sale. Would like $37 each (I paid $36.98 per pound including tax) for the 2 unopened and $15 for the opened container (used about 1/3 pound). In Phoenix near 75th Ave & Broadway.
  12. Bucks&bulls

    36B Help

    Just my thoughts…If I were you I would think about upgrading my binoculars. Spotting scope is a luxury in my opinion. Great binoculars are what is really needed.
  13. Bucks&bulls


    Ever get to Phoenix?
  14. Bucks&bulls


    What is your location?
  15. Bucks&bulls

    Looking for K frame 2 inch 38 special barrel

    What he said ^. Lots of different “K” frames, nickel, stainless, blued,if you are talking blued model 19, look at the above site , they list a 2-1/2” barrel as in stock . Part number 307080 for $158.76