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  1. Bucks&bulls

    Selling H4350, RL26 and Fed 210 Lg Rifle Primers

    I’ll take a pound of H4350.
  2. Bucks&bulls

    Knurling tool

    MSC value line #00227975, and 3 knurls of your choice. But, may be cheaper to have it done, pretty simple on a lathe.
  3. Bucks&bulls

    700x powder

    I have an opened 4pound jug with about 3-1/2 pounds left that I would part with.
  4. Bucks&bulls

    12g wad info

    Do what AZ Free Man said, get a manual and read up. You say you have a bunch of spent hulls already, if they are all the same hull great, if not, sort them. Hulls, even the same mfg., need to match even if all are high base. Make sure you get a manual that lists the specific hull or hulls you will reload. When reloading for shotguns you must follow the manual, don’t make any changes in hulls, wads or powder
  5. Bucks&bulls

    Surveillance package!

    I will second Simplysafe if you want to have 24/7 monitoring. Monthly charge is reasonable and is nice if you are w/o cell service. I have an older system that started giving me problems connecting to the monitoring service. Tried three times with technical support to get it resolved with no luck so they are sending me a new system at no charge. That is good customer service in my opinion.
  6. Bucks&bulls

    Range Finder feedback?

    I have a kilo 1250 (now a discontinued model) that I am happy with. Probably not too much different from the newer entry level models. Let me know if you would like to borrow it for a field test. Ironically, I have no tags...
  7. Bucks&bulls

    57 years ago

    The day JFK was shot was first time I saw my father shed a tear.
  8. Bucks&bulls

    Shot gun primers needed

    If you still need them I can look at what I have.
  9. Bucks&bulls

    Garage clean out

    You got it.
  10. Bucks&bulls

    Garage clean out

    Fits 1999-2006 Chevy Silverado, GM Sierra and 2007 Silverado classic & Sierra classic. Near 75th Avenue and Broadway. Free to first reply in the thread.
  11. Bucks&bulls

    Garage clean out - HD stuff

    Harley Davidson parts that I won’t be using. HD passenger floorboard with mounts and script covers, look new, $100, should fit 93-08 touring models but I am not 100% sure. After market pegs, used good condition, $5. HD mirrors, used good condition, $30. HD Sideplates and short sissy bar with pad, used one plate has some scratches, came off a 99 FLSTF, 9-1 4” hole spacing, $20. HD Sideplates, used very good condition, 9-1/4” hole spacing, $10.
  12. Bucks&bulls


    Found a few places that you can at least talk to. Hope it helps. Company Seven 14300 Cherry Lane Court Attn: Repairs Suite 117 Laurel, MD 20707 Telephone: 301-953-2000 http://www.mountainoptics.com/ Baker Marine in San Diego (619) 222-8096 Collimation Plus 908 Starlight Loop Twin Falls, Idaho 83301 425-319-1395 wjc1111@hotmail.com
  13. Bucks&bulls

    Name that gun!

    I have wanted one in .22 magnum ever since I bought this one. Anything I have found was either in poor condition or over priced.
  14. Bucks&bulls

    Name that gun!

    Sorry forgot you mentioned S&W, Bingo! Colt “ Colteer 1-22”, made from 1957 to 1966. So more than likely fit’s within Edge’s original requirements.
  15. Bucks&bulls

    Name that gun!

    No. Hint, big company probably more known for pistols and revolvers. I would think 50/50 at this point...