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  1. Sandman74

    Anyone Hunt around Boise Idaho?

    Shoot me a P.M. I may be able to answer some questions.
  2. Sandman74

    Unit 36C

    Thanks for the responses guys, It definitely gives me some options to explore. Grey Curse do they make the showers available for a price even if you camp elsewhere? I like your user name by the way, I seem to have the curse of not being able to get a Couse. This is going to be my 4th hunt for the grey ghost. Two in N.M. and this will be the second one in Arizona. Hopefully going to break my curse!
  3. Sandman74

    Unit 36C

    NeckRoast, Thanks for the reply, I will check that area out. The cooler in back is a good idea, I am with you on losing some drinks and food, way better than driving home with no window! Good luck to your group also.
  4. Sandman74

    Unit 36C

    Hey guys I thought I would send this out and hope to get some advice on unit Coues hunting in 36C. I drew the December hunt that goes from Dec. 14th to the 31st. It is looking like I am going to have to do this hunt solo. I can't find anyone who wants to take a week or more their vacation (or their wives don't want them to take their vacation) to go on my Coues deer hunt. I told my wife I would try to contact some guys that have hunted down there to try to get some advice on where to camp and places that I should avoid for safety reasons. This is my 2nd time hunting Coues in Arizona, my first time I drew 30B and wasn't able to get it done but I had a blast chasing them around, they are so fun to hunt. Any advice on weather or not it is safe to hunt right near the border or if I should maybe venture further North in the unit would be greatly appreciated. I can give pretty solid advice to anyone looking to hunt in Idaho if interested. P.M.s are great too if that is better. Thanks guys/gals. -- R.J.
  5. Sandman74

    AZ Hunt

    Thanks for the reply Reloader30cal. I haven't checked the boards for a while. I got on Google earth and found the area you were talking about. I will check it out for sure as I will be there several days before the season. I will let you know how it goes and thanks again.
  6. Sandman74

    AZ Hunt

    Well I hope he gets a good one. Thanks for the information on the Butchers I will look into them.
  7. Sandman74

    AZ Hunt

    My dates are from Nov 25th to Dec 4th. When is his tag? Not sure how the cell service is but I could give him a call if I see any good Mulies. Thanks for the reply.
  8. Sandman74

    AZ Hunt

    I just found this website and all I can say is it is awesome. There is a ton of cool stories and some great information on here. I am from Idaho and pretty new to Coues hunting. I drew a New Mexico muzzy tag in 2014 and that was my first opportunity to chase Coues around. I never killed one but it was an amazing hunt and I learned so much. After that hunt I can see why people turn into Coues fanatics. The hunt kind of reminded me of how I hunt for mule deer in Idaho I spend a ton of time behind glass in an area that has pretty low deer populations. Anyhow this year I was really wanting to go chase Coues again so I put in in AZ and NM, I ended up getting lucky and drawing in both states. My hunt in AZ opens 2 days after the one in NM closes so it should work out pretty well for doing it all in one trip. I have hunted the Burros before so I have a good plan there but I am totally new to the 30B area in AZ. I have done some research and I am planning on hunting the Mule mountains. I have read the info on the AZ fish and game website about the unit and it sounds like it is going to be hard work to access some of the areas. That was part of the reason I picked that unit as one of my choices, I really do like to work hard and get away from the crowds. I was wondering if anybody could give me some info on the chances of having run ins with illegals there and if so is it wise to backpack in and stay overnight. Is it safe to leave a vehicle unattended overnight around there? I know where ever you hunt it is never a guarantee that some jerk isn't going to mess with you but I am taking my son along with me for this hunt and I am trying to take extra precautions. Any info on meat cutters in the area or any access issues would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the novel. RJ