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  1. TexasHunter

    New reloading setup

    My wife is from Alabama I'm from Texas.
  2. TexasHunter

    New reloading setup

    They basically give you stuff. 😎
  3. Finished my new reloading table.
  4. TexasHunter

    High School Football Fundraiser

    Good football team there
  5. Expect lots of company too.
  6. TexasHunter

    Roosevelt lake

    Are roosevelt lake campgrounds open? Want to take the kids camping this week
  7. Temp tag for test drives and sell as is. For 2k if it runs drives and the ac works that's about par for the course.
  8. TexasHunter

    Recurve bow

    Idgaf got it its sold thanks
  9. TexasHunter

    Old fashion handmade picture frames

  10. TexasHunter

    Recurve bow

    Sorry in Tucson. I would ship it if you wanted to pay shipping. Not sure what that would cost
  11. TexasHunter

    Recurve bow

    50 to 60 is what it says on them. It does say sage on one limb too.
  12. Would look cool with outdoor photography in them my dad made them years ago. Some have glass some dont. My wife started to paint one of them. 15 bucks each.
  13. TexasHunter

    Recurve bow

    Not sure the brand was my son's he shot it about 3 or 4 times. He has since moved for work. First 50 bucks takes it. Comes with a few arrows.
  14. TexasHunter

    Perfect binos to accompany a big eye set up?

    I have 15x minox and 10x slc I use the slcs more than anything else.
  15. TexasHunter

    Inexpensive game cams

    That's from a cheap camofire cam