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  1. Skyjacker lift with front and rear springs also has rear blocks. Comes with the track bar relocation bracket. Have the shocks too. Shocks will need new bushings. Wheels are chrome 20s tires are not great but hold air and can be driven on. Took it all of my truck to tow better. Looking to get 600 for everything will split wheels and lift if someone is really interested. I believe it's a 4inch lift but not sure.
  2. TexasHunter

    ISO Southeast Valley Mechanic to Install Leveling Kit

    Monsoon Automotive
  3. TexasHunter

    Unit 10 Elk

    had that tag several years ago. We scouted an area before the hunt saw tons of elk. We got there and got camp set up in the area we saw all the elk. We spent the rest of the hunt trying to locate them because they where no where to be found. Really tough hunt for sure and dont do a ton of scouting until closer to your hunt because pressure and weather will change where they are at big time.
  4. TexasHunter

    Upholsterer needed

    Tucson seat cover
  5. TexasHunter

    How bout them Devils!

    Miller will most likely be gone after this year there are lots of rumblings about what will be proven about his role in the pay for play. And not from ESPN but from people within the university. With that said I cant for the life of me wrap my head around how none of the other schools have gotten hit like U of A did from this ordeal.
  6. TexasHunter

    Boat rental at roosevelt.

    I have some family coming to town and wanted to take them to the lake for a day but had to sell my boat a couple years ago. Was wondering if anyone knew of a place besides the marina to rent a boat. I have heard way to many horror stories from people renting boats at the marina to want to go that route. Thanks for any info.
  7. TexasHunter

    Elk draw website down

    Damnit good thing I got point guard if I do get draw I can turn the tag back in Haha.
  8. TexasHunter

    Elk draw website down

    I put in for the 35a early bull hope to finally get it.
  9. TexasHunter

    Generator/small engine maintenance reminder

    I have enough cars to work on I will just pay someone to work on that lol.
  10. TexasHunter

    Generator/small engine maintenance reminder

    need to take my Hondas in for service but not sure where to take them in Tucson. Any suggestions?
  11. TexasHunter

    Good Ford mechanic recommendations in Tucson

    Thanks for the kind words guys. We can definitely take care of you. Like said above chains I wouldn't worry about unless they are noisey. If the plugs have been done not much left to do except fluids.
  12. TexasHunter

    Coues rut

    Saw some bucks chasing this morning but seems to be tailing off.
  13. TexasHunter

    Anyone build bumpers or recommends a builder

    Elegant Iron in Tucson used to build bad bumpers dont know if they still do but could try them.
  14. TexasHunter

    Hunting/Recreational Property for sale in Aravaipa

    If people are serious about getting a group together PM me I would be interested.
  15. TexasHunter

    Roof Recoating Reference in Tucson

    Desert Sun roofing used them a while back owner is a good guy