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  1. TexasHunter

    Automotive parts washer (hot tank)

  2. TexasHunter

    2013 to 2018 ram 2500 leveling kit from pro comp

    According to pro comp application chart it does not fit.
  3. TexasHunter

    Automotive parts washer (hot tank)

    Not sure my plan was to take it to an electric motor company and try to have it fixed.
  4. Pro comp part number 61120 for 13 to18 ram 2500 with radius arms leveling kit. If your 2013 ram doesn't have radius arms this kit will not work. Had a customer put a deposit and order this 6 months ago and hasn't come back to pick it up. Need 100 bucks for it no tax. Its brand new in the box. Can install for you if interested for additional cost. Call the shop at 5203054908 thanks.
  5. I have a hot tank that we are getting rid of. It works for about 5 minutes and then shuts off. Needs a new motor for it. We no longer need it here we got a solvent tank instead. Looking to get 100 bucks for it. I figure it's worth that much in scrap metal if someone doesn't want to fix it. Located in northeast tucson. Can all our office at 520 305 4908 or my cell at 5202754733
  6. TexasHunter

    30B- Current Access

    It was east of the town of dragoon. Where the gate is is mostly mule deer but the road shows to lead you back further into the mountains. You can still get in there just longer route.
  7. TexasHunter

    30B- Current Access

    There is a lady out there that bought a big ranch out there that went and locked a bunch of gates that are shown as state trust land in the dragoons last year. I talked to game and fish and they said they are aware of the situation and that it is state trust land and not leased or anything like that. They cut the locks down and she went in and but up new ones. I don't remember the name of the road but it was not far from the town of dragoon
  8. TexasHunter


    Something has to be done in east Tucson about the huge influx of crack heads over the last couple years. Wish the police and city cared about it. I have had to call the police a lot because of them hanging around my business harassing people yelling at people. They told me now to literally stop calling them as they will not respond anymore. Told the walgreens down the street that gets robbed weekly that unless they use a weapon do not call us as there is nothing we can do. It's sad. Sorry about your mounts I will keep an eye out for sure.
  9. TexasHunter

    2013 ram 2500 stock wheels

    4 stock rims no tires or sensor 50 bucks for all 4 they are in decent shape. Located east Tucson. First come first served. I do have the center caps too. Thanks
  10. TexasHunter

    Which Tires?

    Don't sleep on the new cooper all terrain. Great tire low noise haven't had any radial tire pulling aggressive tread and so far good wear
  11. TexasHunter

    Remington 700 Long Range Hunter in 7 Mag

    Can you sell this already so I wont succumb to the temptation.
  12. TexasHunter

    Metal contractor in tucson

    Yes they are
  13. TexasHunter

    Metal contractor in tucson

    So I am in a bind due to the contractor not showing up to do a job we scheduled them for. We had two more lifts installed on a steel floor and we need support columns put in underneath. Need someone who is licensed and bonded per my landlord. Any recommendations in Tucson. Thanks
  14. TexasHunter

    Youth tags 33

    I would agree if it was my kids tag its most likely not the place I would hunt either. When I was bow hunting there a few years ago there was people everywhere it was insane. We had 2 guys in a truck follow us around until we found a decent buck to put a stalk on. They than hauled butt to get down the road to the bottom and tried to go after the same buck from the bottom with the wind blowing up the hill. Than when they busted the deer we went to another hill to glass and 20 minutes later here comes the same truck parked just down the road from us sitting there waiting for us to make a move on something.