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  1. TexasHunter


    Zinger vanes
  2. TexasHunter

    ECM Search

    Most of the ecm rebuilds are garbage now so really do your homework on them before sending them out.
  3. TexasHunter

    Ruger 7mm

  4. TexasHunter

    Ruger 7mm

    Pm replied
  5. TexasHunter

    Army bomb box free must pick up

    Someone just showed up thanks.
  6. TexasHunter

    Army bomb box free must pick up

    Its in Tucson on the Eastside was going to use it for an overland build that I never did moving and don't want to lug it around anymore. I won't hold it been there done that.
  7. TexasHunter

    Ruger 7mm

    I am doing some cleaning to move and have a ruger 7mm I dont shoot anymore I dont feel like packing up. I have a burris veracity scope I would throw in if some one wants to make a package deal. Looking for 450 for the gun with case. If you want the scope too throw me an offer on a package. Gun is located in Tucson FTF only.
  8. TexasHunter

    Who the heck is Jedd Fisch?

    The next ex wildcats coach and future millionaire to not coach.
  9. TexasHunter

    New reloading setup

    My wife is from Alabama I'm from Texas.
  10. TexasHunter

    New reloading setup

    They basically give you stuff. 😎
  11. Finished my new reloading table.
  12. TexasHunter

    High School Football Fundraiser

    Good football team there
  13. Expect lots of company too.
  14. TexasHunter

    Roosevelt lake

    Are roosevelt lake campgrounds open? Want to take the kids camping this week
  15. Temp tag for test drives and sell as is. For 2k if it runs drives and the ac works that's about par for the course.