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  1. i shoot a browning abolt in 270 win for deer and elk, dont count out the old 270.
  2. muleybowhunter

    Wtt weatherby vanguard 7mm-08

    for sale? if so whats the price?
  3. muleybowhunter

    If you use trail cameras for elk......

    i leave them out all year.
  4. muleybowhunter

    When will the hits start? no thread on this yet?

    wife got a tag, hoping early rifle bull tag........
  5. muleybowhunter

    Gun safe recommendations

    i would buy the biggest one you can afford, i never thought i would need a new one until i inherited quite a few,
  6. muleybowhunter


    bad news for the hunting community, WOW
  7. muleybowhunter

    Stumped.... HVAC

    might be the transformer, or the thermostat,
  8. muleybowhunter

    Canyons or flats?

    where you find does you should be able to find bucks. i have found them in the flats and the canyons no rhyme or reason.
  9. muleybowhunter

    WTB Triclawps

    you can borrow mine if need be,
  10. muleybowhunter

    Persistency pays off

    congrats on a fine deer,
  11. muleybowhunter

    My 2018 deer

    Not much of a story hunted hard for 3 days, saw this buck on the morning forth day and made it happen. He is my biggest buck to date could not be happier.
  12. muleybowhunter

    Bird dog found

    first thing i did when i got mine is put a collar on her with all my contact info because i know these dogs love to run.
  13. muleybowhunter

    Bird dog found

    maybe chipped? my new gsp is,
  14. muleybowhunter

    ear tag on a cow elk

    was there a dead elk around?
  15. muleybowhunter

    Unit 11M bull hunt

    From G&F Areas: During the hunting season, elk can be found throughout the unit, but are in higher densities on the west, south and east portions of the unit. Elk can also be found on the north side however, vehicle access is limited and you will have to pack your animal out. There are higher numbers of elk on the west side along Highway 89A near Forest Highlands and on the southeast side north of Walnut Canyon and south Continental. The area south of the Flagstaff Airport east of Mountainaire is also a good area to check for bugling bulls. It is important to remember unit 11M is a metro unit around Flagstaff and hunters should expect to see other people in the areas running, bike riding, walking their dogs, riding horses etc. Hunters should be considerate of others and realize they are not the only ones out there.