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  1. muleybowhunter

    Good News

    Plans for my house are in the final stage. About time LOL.
  2. muleybowhunter

    Ammo Shortage Ending?

    Guns are coming back in stock also. When you buy a gun at sportsman they sell you ammo. .40c for 9mm
  3. muleybowhunter

    Hits Started

    Me and the family got 4 deer tags.
  4. muleybowhunter

    870 youth 20g

  5. muleybowhunter

    Relentless Scammers

    tried selling a car on offer up and they are bad, had a guy bug me for days about a VHC paper, finally had to block him he would not give up.
  6. muleybowhunter

    870 youth 20g

  7. muleybowhunter

    870 youth 20g

    I’m in surprise.
  8. muleybowhunter

    870 youth 20g

    Remington 870 youth 20g one choke works just like it should kids outgrew. 300.00 obo
  9. muleybowhunter

    Let's See Them Gardens.

    Any one seed save? We started doing that a few years ago let a few of each plant go to seed save them and replant the following year.
  10. muleybowhunter

    Bison reduction project

    Already on abc 15. Can’t wait to read the comments.
  11. muleybowhunter

    German Shorthaired Pup's

    What bloodlines are the parents from?
  12. muleybowhunter

    Free palm trees

    It is Waddell. We just closed on this property and thought I would put them here before calling some companies.
  13. muleybowhunter

    Free palm trees

    Anyone looking for some palm trees? Come remove them and they are yours.
  14. ccw's are taking long also. sent mine and my wifes in at the same time they cashed both got mine in less than 3 weeks, my wifes is on day 75 and they told her they are still working on Januarys and don't have an eta.
  15. muleybowhunter

    ECM Search

    try Rowdy Racks Performance Diesel LLC