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  1. muleybowhunter

    Knife Recommendations

    I have a bench made and 2 custom Dawson knives. The two dawson ones are custom with engraving awesome knives.
  2. muleybowhunter

    Arboreal rattlesnake, sort of

    he was chill, but never rattled,
  3. muleybowhunter

    Arboreal rattlesnake, sort of

    this guy rattled at us about 5' away.
  4. muleybowhunter

    Arboreal rattlesnake, sort of

    this one didnt rattle yesterday when I almost stepped on him, saw two yesterday,
  5. muleybowhunter

    once fired brass

    Once fired brass make offer. Or trade for? 100-.357 178-.243 575-9mm SPF 370-7mm-08 412-.270
  6. muleybowhunter

    Popcorn thread

    got to love the view at 5:11 with the power lines 🤣
  7. muleybowhunter

    10MM Ammo?

    Unammo is closed tried to look the other day and says they closed for at least a week.
  8. muleybowhunter

    10MM Ammo?

    negative, i was going to buy one in a 1911 and didn't due to ammo supply right now,
  9. muleybowhunter

    Sad news- Hoghunter

    If so we need to find out what unit and help his son out as a group.
  10. muleybowhunter

    bars, gyms, theaters , tubing ect

    A guy at my work had it, overweight and not the healthest, he said it was a very bad flu 3 week he was back at work.
  11. muleybowhunter

    Only 1 hour until cards start getting hit

    4 deer tags here 2 for the kids and 2 for the adults. all the same unit
  12. muleybowhunter

    6BN Archery Antelope

    see then quite often in the unit on the way to one of my trail cameras.
  13. muleybowhunter

    6BN Archery Antelope

    I have seen them in the pines and in the flats.
  14. muleybowhunter

    Only 1 hour until cards start getting hit

    they are charging got a hit at 7:30am
  15. muleybowhunter

    Trail cameras

    check them every few months,