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  1. muleybowhunter

    Bison reduction project

    Already on abc 15. Can’t wait to read the comments.
  2. muleybowhunter

    German Shorthaired Pup's

    What bloodlines are the parents from?
  3. muleybowhunter

    Free palm trees

    It is Waddell. We just closed on this property and thought I would put them here before calling some companies.
  4. muleybowhunter

    Free palm trees

    Anyone looking for some palm trees? Come remove them and they are yours.
  5. ccw's are taking long also. sent mine and my wifes in at the same time they cashed both got mine in less than 3 weeks, my wifes is on day 75 and they told her they are still working on Januarys and don't have an eta.
  6. muleybowhunter

    ECM Search

    try Rowdy Racks Performance Diesel LLC
  7. muleybowhunter

    Results are up

    bonus points are all messed up on my kids, says they have 10 for antelope and mine is missing 2 on antelope. Group Bonus Points Average: 33
  8. muleybowhunter


    me and the wife got a hit.
  9. muleybowhunter

    Tick Tock

    how many people just checked their bank account. lol
  10. muleybowhunter


    i have 61 pcs of brass, pm me
  11. muleybowhunter

    6.5 Creedmoor ammo for trade

    Sell outright? If so how much $
  12. muleybowhunter

    .22LR 3550 Rounds

    Wow. Same stuff Wally sells for a lot less. Glws
  13. muleybowhunter

    Ammo Increases Coming in April

    Paid 26.99 for some 7mm-08 for my kids guns. 6 months ago it was 21.99. So looks like it’s going up already.
  14. muleybowhunter

    How big you think this elk was

    you cant get messages.
  15. muleybowhunter

    How big you think this elk was

    same elk??