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  1. muleybowhunter

    How big?

    Thanks guys I was thinking 340. I would not second guess trying to shot him in the unit he is in.
  2. muleybowhunter

    You guys SUCK!

    Where at?
  3. muleybowhunter

    How big?

    What’s everyone’s guess?
  4. muleybowhunter

    COVID Vaccine Info

    Went to my doctor for a yearly check up. She is a older doctor so I asked her opinion on the vaccine. She told me if it wasn’t a condition of employment she would not get it. She stated there has not been enough research on the long term side effects and also if it is effective. So me and my family will not get it.
  5. muleybowhunter

    Once fired brass

    Surprise. Shot me a pm
  6. muleybowhunter

    Once fired brass

    Make offer or trade?
  7. muleybowhunter

    Looking for federal 270 win brass

    I have over 400 once fired let me know if you need any.
  8. muleybowhunter

    Wtb youth shotgun

    Looking for a youth semi auto 20g. Let me know what you got.
  9. muleybowhunter

    Are The Gun Stores Really Empty?

    found a store yesterday that had shotgun shells no limit only place I found so far that did not have a limit.
  10. muleybowhunter


    Ordered a turbo rebuild kit on 12/6 shipped 12/7 2day priority arrived 12/19.
  11. muleybowhunter


    pm sent
  12. muleybowhunter

    Covid relif bill

    What is everyones thoughts? I hope he rejects it for the simple fact there is alot of wasteful spending. https://abc7.com/politics/president-trump-suggests-he-wont-sign-covid-relief-bill-/8976099/
  13. muleybowhunter

    Bass Pro Shop / Sportsmans Warehouse

    Sad very sad.
  14. muleybowhunter


    Awesome gun I have the same in fde and it’s awesome. Glws
  15. muleybowhunter

    WTS 22 long rifle Thunderbolt 500 rnd boxes

    lol sams club had it in stock last night.