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  1. nohoch

    Arizona Unit 27 Archery Elk

    So I drew the same tag. I feel really lucky as it was my first choice and I only had 2 bonus points built up, as well as I missed the original deadline and luckily put in during the extended couple of days that Game and Fish gave! I'm probably going to get a few people cursing me for that but I understand how lucky I was! I've hunted 27 and 1 during the late rifle hunt with my brother and Dad previously but never the archery hunt. Really excited and can't wait to get out there and start looking. Good luck to all. Greg
  2. Interested to see what ends up happening with this.......sounds a little fishy..... http://www.dailycamera.com/news/boulder/ci_22303248/mystery-solved-boulder-police-admit-officer-shot-elk
  3. nohoch


    Hunted 31 last weekend...nothing but a couple does. No rut activity that I saw.
  4. My hunt starts in 31 today......had to work today but am blazing out of here this afternoon to get some boots out in the hills tomorrow. Good luck everyone and be safe.
  5. nohoch

    how big is this buck?

    It's HUGE!
  6. nohoch

    Jr Hunt...

    Great looking buck....Congrats!
  7. nohoch

    Crushed by my Quad.....almost.

    glad you're okay. I had the ramps and loaded my quad in the back of my truck that way for a couple years and every single time, I had the same thing go through my mind....there were a couple times where the ramp was pushed off by the back tire right as I got it into the truck bed and so I was lucky. +1 on the trailer....much safer.
  8. nohoch

    3D Printing....have you seen this technology?

    Yep, it's pretty amazing. I work the construction industry managing 3D design and construction and we've seen these type of printers and they can be used to mock up full size products....it's pretty awesome the things you can do with technology.
  9. nohoch

    Me & My Son 2011 - 2012 Elk success

    Congrats Norm. Great bulls.
  10. nohoch


    That's terrible Bill. Will definately keep the eyes open for any of those as well as spreading the word with other to keep an eye out.
  11. nohoch

    San Carlos Lake

    So sad. The smell has to be really bad.
  12. nohoch

    AZ Desert Non-Typical!!!

    That's awesome. congrats.
  13. nohoch


    Nissan Titan - Sticker on the backwindow with PREDHTR license plate. I pulled up next to you at Maricopa Hwy and I-10 and then drove behind you over to Price then the 101. You live in Maricopa? I'm in The Villages and work at Ray/101.