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    Drones during an open season (not for hunting)!

    Go about what you want to do. ✌️
  2. Newbie2012

    Drones during an open season (not for hunting)!

    They both have the same definition of aiding in take. But you be you.
  3. Newbie2012

    Drones during an open season (not for hunting)!

    I'll err on the side of caution.
  4. Newbie2012

    Drones during an open season (not for hunting)!

    Is it? If your trail cam picked it up in July and you killed it in August, you'd be cited for aiding in take. It's not the flying thats the problem. You saw that buck in July and went back. You got intel via a drone and used it in August. That's a violation of take. Subsection A is pretty clear. At least to me it is.
  5. Newbie2012

    UTV tire search help

    Yup, same. Very happy with the Terrabites!
  6. Newbie2012

    Bonus Point Report- 2024 Elk & Antelope

    About 10 years ago, I drew 5B with 7, so you never know.
  7. Newbie2012

    Bonus Point Report- 2024 Elk & Antelope

    No wonder my portal says NOT DRAWN. lol Looks like I still have a year or two if I stick to the hunt I want. Maybe more if point creep continues its current upward trend.
  8. Newbie2012


    These are not new. They were first offered in December 2021.
  9. Newbie2012

    Proposed hunt guidelines

    Quail starting a week later. Lost a week compared to 2023.
  10. Newbie2012

    Credit Card hit thread

    I'm at work and need a placeholder for quick updates! Post your hits here! 😃 Here we go!
  11. Newbie2012

    YouTube help

    Here’s a guy wiring up an old pickup. The kit he used is linked in the comments.
  12. Newbie2012

    Deer draw bonus pass

    Remember the guy with the recent jaguar video? Well he’s got feral hogs on vid too, so they are active in southern Arizona.
  13. Newbie2012

    Credit Card hit thread

    Point creep is real and I get sucked into this draw every year! lol
  14. Newbie2012

    Credit Card hit thread

    Looks like my drought continues.... 8 years and counting. Congrats to those so far that drew!
  15. Newbie2012

    Alignment shops on the east side of town?

    That sucks, but my OCD would take over. lol I’d spend the coin on a new Synergy draglink and be done with it, never having to worry about those welds again.
  16. Newbie2012


    Feel your pain! 32 years ago, I got rid of my first truck: ‘76 Chevy Scottsdale 4x4. Had the 400cu engine and a 6” lift. Thing was a beast! Still regret that decision to this day!
  17. Newbie2012

    13 points archery bull

    Did my app this afternoon and this is exactly how I felt! Lmao. Sad when the outcome is pretty much a forgone conclusion now.
  18. Newbie2012

    Wanna see some point creep?

    No kidding. And I was going to do my bull elk app this weekend. Shouldn’t have opened this thread. Depressing. How many more years can I take seeing “NOT DRAWN” in my portal?
  19. Newbie2012

    How's the AZGFD E-Tag app?

    All the answers are here: https://azgfd-portal-wordpress-pantheon.s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/archive/3.2.23-Tag-Modernization-FAQ-and-App-instructions-Combined.pdf
  20. Newbie2012

    How's the AZGFD E-Tag app?

    Just a tip: Once you write the number on duct tape, flagging, tape..etc and attach to animal, take a photo of it on the animal showing the number. This way, if it’s raining or bloody, and the number rubs off and might be unreadable, you have a digital backup proof of date and time of properly tagging your animal.
  21. Newbie2012

    Cold night

    On my way to work this morning at 5am. Ignore the km/h. My fingers were cold and accidentally toggled the speedometer! haha
  22. Newbie2012

    2023-24 archery deer tracking

    Uh, no. I’m on Android. Its 2024. There are better options for displaying data on mobile devices now.
  23. Newbie2012

    Deer Quota List?

    I would think daily. I checked yesterday and a unit was still open and today it shows the quota being met with the unit closing today. Edit: I checked Monday.
  24. Newbie2012


    That reminds me. Need to go buy my 2024 tag!
  25. Newbie2012

    2023-24 archery deer tracking

    Since most of us are on our phones, both at home and in the field, they really need to optimize that page for mobile devices. Should be able to access the link and see everything pertaining to a specific unit without having to scroll left/right.