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  1. Newbie2012

    The moisture creeps in.

    Not much here in Flagstaff, just isolated pockets of rain here and there. Next week looks promising tho, so let’s get this going!⛈
  2. Newbie2012


    With my car, I stop at $30, regardless how much I need. Even though I’m fueling up more times than before, stopping the pump at $30 is purely psychological now. Mind games gotta get me through it! Before FJB, $30 would fill up my car easily. My truck? Forget about it. Haven’t driven it long distance since my turkey hunt. Thought prices were bad then…sheesh!
  3. Newbie2012

    What's your favorite Burger Joint?

    Yummy! I love a green chili burger! I rarely head into NM, but I’ll put this one in the memory bank!
  4. Newbie2012

    Stanley this is off Twitter

    Feel bad for all those people. The Peaks will never recover in our lifetime. All because of toilet paper. https://www.12news.com/article/news/local/wildfire/used-toilet-paper-pipeline-fire/75-70e09504-fd04-4d54-9c3c-70cbcc4e91b8
  5. Newbie2012

    Bino Chest Pack Recommendations

    First one, I dont remember the name: Anyways, it wasn't fully enclosed and I didn't like not having full protection. Alaska Guide Creations: Too big. Felt like a VW on my chest..lol. They may have streamlined their setups now, but at the time, just too big. Well built, but too big for me. Sitka: Too small for my Ziess 10x42's. Kuiu: As stated earlier, my Ziess Victory HT's are taller than most 10's and the Kuiu worked good, even with the eyecups extended. Also, its more streamlined and not so bulky even after I attached a rangefinder holder(Kuiu) to it. One hand operation can be an issue if your bino's are on the bigger size. I've gotten pretty good at it tho.
  6. Newbie2012

    Bino Chest Pack Recommendations

    Happy with my Kuiu Pro. My Zeiss Victory HT’s are taller than most 10x42’s, and they fit nicely. No problems recommending it. There are a many different systems out there. Trial and error. Took me three tries on different brands before I settled with the Kuiu.
  7. Newbie2012

    Outdoor Writer

    RIP Tony.
  8. Newbie2012

    Whitehorse lake

  9. Newbie2012

    Whitehorse lake

    Haha, I say the same thing! But I enjoy it out there. I usually park at the first pull in as you’re heading north around the lake. I need to hit Kaibab soon. Been awhile since I’ve tried it.
  10. Newbie2012

    Deer/Sheep Regs

    Dang, my long time OTC hunt won’t last 2 weeks before getting shut down. It’ll never see January!
  11. Newbie2012

    Pointguard Plus

    I stand corrected. After reading the email again, it’s three consecutive draws, not years. $25 for three draws and for all species. So it appears to be a better value compared to buying $5($10 now) for every species on each draw.
  12. Newbie2012

    Pointguard Plus

    Yup, exactly how I read it. So the point selling game not only continues, but just got worse by a factor of 3!
  13. I wouldn’t concern myself with that. First of all, they’d have to fork out $82 to do this. That’s a lot of money for people that only shower every three days. Might be some hard core antis pulling this stunt, but I don’t see a huge participation effort. Im sure(hope)G&F thought this scenario out. They’ll run reports and if there’s shenanigans, the data will show it. New license purchase second half of 2022, first hunting license ever purchased, no other tag/stamp history with G&F hunting or fishing, opening day success….etc
  14. Just like bear. I’m sure those extra kills prior to shutting the unit down on the following Wednesday were already factored into their “scientific” quota numbers. That’s why some units have low quotas. Another 3-5 kills by the following Wednesday won’t have much effect since the unit will be closed in a few days anyways. But yeah, I get it. My favorite hunt won’t make it past August. Sucks.
  15. Newbie2012

    3C Turkey

    No luck in 23 either in our spot. Wind and no responses after sunrise made for tough conditions. Didn’t seem like many birds this year.