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  1. trphyhntr

    Decided to Hunt the Velvet Season

    right on dude!
  2. youre going to be the first person i turn in. its illegal to interfere with someones hunt. all i have read is it sounds like you were trying to interfere with thier legal hunt. on top of it all you post a pic of their rig and attempt to bash them for doing something perfectly legal. cant imagine what your other 1k+ posts on this sight have contributed.
  3. Dude I also DO NOT SUPPORT THE NRA due to some of the ridiculous guns we think we need to own as americans The sense of entitlement we as americans have will cost us all we once knew. our rights are being handed away daily and if your cool with helping that process by taking advantage of loopholes or catch 22's then good for you may you lose your rights first! of course we know its those like myself that will get hit first since were very by the book and law abiding.. yep no baiting for me this year! all done gone im sure in part to pictures with mouths filled with corn we posted all over.. this is a never ending debate some will take advantage others wont.. i personally will turn in every single law breaker that gets near me! just got no use for them till they learn and yes why should they be able to do it if i can't????? threads starting to make more sense.
  4. dude you sound like an anti hunter bagging on people for shooting near the road. no one is saying they want to run out and do it but if its legal let it go. pretty soon theyll be regs against it, be one more thing we cant do, then on to the next and so on. support hunter access and rights, dont try to help take them away.
  5. trphyhntr

    Another toad hits the dirt

    how long have you been hunting for?
  6. trphyhntr

    Another toad hits the dirt

    and this was the OP's last post in this thread. so, was he excited to have a live pic of his buck or pissed that you posted a report of his gcnp buck. end the rumors if you can. and the rumors are that he said he shot it in 7 according to another site but idk where they got that info from.
  7. trphyhntr

    4A Bulls

    saw lots of them up there last weekend. 1 bull like 330 class and a lot spikes and rags. then went over to 1 and didnt see chit.
  8. trphyhntr

    My First Velvet Deer

    nice work, i missed one just like that last weekend.
  9. trphyhntr

    Can you hunt Javelina with a spear??

    thats what im talking about dude, some serious caveman hunting. heres jared allen spearing an elk. id want to sneak up on one though.
  10. trphyhntr

    Can you hunt Javelina with a spear??

    i want to kill an elk with a spear. be gnarly af.
  11. trphyhntr

    13A Strip DIY

    were all ears.
  12. trphyhntr

    heard alot of bugles in Unit 1 this weekend

    idk what you mean bro, ive seen them chasing cows and fighting like crazy in the very beginning of september numerous times.
  13. im guessing this has been brought up before, and im sure sitting on a honey hole that youve researched is optimum but you do any of you guys kill consistently with spot and stalk as well? ive never killed a deer with my bow but ive never really hunted them very hard either. my hunting partner is making it sound like its nearly impossible or something to kill them any way but from a tree stand.
  14. trphyhntr

    Another toad hits the dirt

    in for controversy.
  15. trphyhntr

    Giant Velvet Coues buck!

    dont know what you guys are complaining about, you all could kill bucks like this every year(maybe not 150" obviously). just make sure everyone in the hunting world is aware that youll pay the most $$$ for finders fees of huge bucks and bulls.
  16. trphyhntr

    I'm guessing Medical...

    gps coords?
  17. trphyhntr

    24b help for Coues deer!

    doesnt sound like you need any help, just keep doing what youre doing.
  18. trphyhntr

    The RUT

    No wonder you didnt answer yesterday, I came by and heard the Rucuss and your front yard smelled like a wallow! I beat the tar out of your tree with a stick hoping something would come looking for a fight but to no avail. haha classic. you shoulda squeezed a hoochie mama ill come running.
  19. trphyhntr

    The RUT

    i'd hit it.
  20. trphyhntr

    heard alot of bugles in Unit 1 this weekend

    spent yesterday afternoon and this morning in 1. hardly heard any bugles except for a few before the sun was even close to being up. did not see 1 elk, im dead serious. not even a single cow. maybe because there were so many people out and about but i would have thought i would have seen at least a cow. was a weird trip. i wouldnt say it was "on" by any means.
  21. trphyhntr


    wow right on. must be the blue.
  22. trphyhntr

    11 Yard Archery Antelope! Fight!

    good stuff. thanks for sharing. heck of a goat too.
  23. trphyhntr

    Unit 1 archery bull

    Seen a nice group of four big bucks on the north east side of the unit. Also heard a few bugles too! :-) Can't wait for Sept 13th..... right on. im going to try and head up like 3 days before and deer hunt/scout.