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  1. Whip

    Just got a CC hit!!!

    Ok, I'm officially depressed. I put in for a unit with two more points than what it required last year in the bonus round. Thought that should be close to a lock. Please tell me they continue hitting cards throughout the day. Or should I just go ahead and jump off the bridge now??😢😭
  2. Whip

    Just got a CC hit!!!

    Come on man!! Take my money!! Please!!!
  3. Whip

    Just got a CC hit!!!

    Oh come on. My day is off to a nerve tracking start. Nothing yet....
  4. Whip

    Counting down the days!

  5. Whip

    Bull up close

    Videos like that make waiting for draw results even tougher. But I love it!! Thanks for sharing.
  6. Whip

    To Soon?

    I went in this morning thinking I would change my card to one I use less often, just thinking there might be less chance something weird with a fraudster hitting it at a really bad time. It wouldn't allow changes, so that 20th date is apparently accurate. So from past experience you would expect cards starting to be hit tomorrow?
  7. Whip

    NV 5x5

    Very nice bull! Congrats to you both!
  8. Whip

    Arizona Unit Information

    My application is in. Thank you so much to everyone that took the time to reply both here and the numerous PMs I received. It really helped to solidify my thoughts and now I just sit back and wait, fingers crossed that the vicious point creep doesn't bite me in the butt....
  9. Whip

    Tessa's Navajo bull

    What a special hunt! That's one you'll both cherish forever. Congratulations!
  10. Whip

    Preferred Tactics

    I certainly won't discount it. Or maybe a wallow during mid day. Just prefer to be up and chasing them if it can be productive.
  11. Whip

    Preferred Tactics

    I've got 15 now. That won't get me the unit I had dreamed about, but at my age (67) it's time to hunt AZ. Points needed for the better units just keep going up faster than I can accumulate them. Yotebuster, I see you're from Williston. You don't happen to know Craig Richardson there do you?
  12. Whip

    Preferred Tactics

    Sure sounds like a blast and exactly what I'm hoping for.
  13. Whip

    Preferred Tactics

    I'll be submitting my application soon hoping to draw an early archery tag. As a NR is been a long wait but I'm hoping I finally have enough points. Still investigating exactly which unit(s) I'll be putting in for but have gotten some great help here and think I have things narrowed down. From what I'm hearing it sounds like sitting waterholes is probably the most reliable method of taking a bull. I'll certainly do that if that's what it takes but I truly love being able to chase bugles, spot & stalk, etc. I sit treestands all fall back in Wisconsin and when I get out west I really love being able to get out and about. Any tips or advice on how you guys that have hunted here more often have found success? I've read conflicting ideas on how call shy AZ bulls can be. Do you cow call, bugle, rake trees, use decoys? Glass from a high spot and try to intercept? Stalk in their beds? I hunt with a recurve, so the need to get close will certainly limit my chances. The early opening date this year and the full moon might have some impact on daytime activity too. I'd love to see some discussion on what methods might work best down here.
  14. Whip

    Arizona Unit Information

    I still live in Wisconsin but we are down here for a few months escaping winter with our travel trailer. Next week I'll be up north of Phoenix and hope to take a day or two to drive up for a look around. Not really scouting per se, just seeing what the areas look like. I am only looking at the early archery hunts. I'm not gaining any ground on the primo units so hoping to find one with good elk numbers and a decent chance at a 300 class bull. Bigger is great, but not required to have a fun hunt for me.
  15. Whip

    Arizona Unit Information

    I had to look that one up. But thank you very much. The welcome I've had here with my very first post is incredible. I appreciate everyone who took the time to read and respond. I will certainly try to reciprocate when I can.