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  1. shedhunter

    How long until cards are hit??

    I got hit last night for turkey. Crazy that it was after 5.
  2. shedhunter

    Where's the best hand tossed pizza in Arizona?

    Not hand tossed, but the best pizza I've found living in Show Low. Buffalo bills pepperoni.
  3. shedhunter


    Pm sent about the black powder.
  4. shedhunter

    Cod piccata

    You can't say he ll on here? Lol
  5. shedhunter

    Cod piccata

    I use a subscription with Wild Alaskan. They catch and flash freeze their cod, halibut, spot prawns, scallops, Dungeness, and snow crab. Plus all of their salmon varieties. We eat it every single week. Works out to about $12 a portion. So a buck or two more than store bought crap that's fishy as heck and awful in comparison. This is the most recent halibut i made. Angel hair on the side.
  6. shedhunter

    Rivers are Running!! Fill them lakes up

    I was turkey hunting in 1 with my son and stopped by Carnero. It's been a mud hole for years. Not anymore. This photo is to the right of the parking lot.
  7. shedhunter

    Poaching ring busted

    I've had elk jerky that turned out to be beef. It happens more than you might think.
  8. shedhunter

    Rivers are Running!! Fill them lakes up

    Beautiful fish!
  9. shedhunter

    Meanwhile out at Bartlett...

    I was in unit 1 last week and saw 7 different rvs that had been dropped. No vehicles, no equipment, just the rig sitting for hours with no movement. Instead of buying land and paying property taxes, some just use their rv as a mobile cabin. They'll head up anytime they please and hog the campsite all summer long. Not cool.
  10. shedhunter

    Freaks of the Woods

    Hey man! Yeah I've been looking for something with more activity. I haven't been able to find it yet though. I've been meaning to get your number in hopes that we can do a shed hunt or go fishing sometime. I'd like to explore 4A/4B sometime. That's kind of in between us.
  11. shedhunter

    Archery Turkey

    So awesome! Mothers day kept us home this weekend but i take my 11 yo out next Friday for youth shotgun. I'll have my bow just in case.
  12. shedhunter

    Opening Morning Goulds

    Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing!
  13. shedhunter

    Freaks of the Woods

    Very old thread but i just moved over to this forum from a smaller one i got tired of. I found this last year.
  14. shedhunter

    Boom!! Brown Gold

    Amazing set! Thanks for sharing!