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  1. izquik72


    Wow Congratulations. 14 years and waiting This gives me hope
  2. izquik72

    12a and 12b late tag holders

    Good luck. Interested to see if the migration fence affects your hunt, now it has been in place for a year or 2
  3. izquik72

    Late Archery Elk Part I

    WOW, That is quite a feat congrats you
  4. izquik72

    Coues and Effect

    Great dedication to watching that buck. Looks like you got a big ol muley for next season. Nice read, nice buck
  5. izquik72

    15 years of no harvest

    Right on
  6. You guys are missing what he said. Not looking for a weeklong cooler he wants a cooler for daytrips. I see no reason why he needs a $300+ cooler when a $30-50 cooler will work just fine for day trips. Spend $45 on a coleman extreme! I myself purchased the Yukon (by igloo) for my 10 day cooler. AS long as you precool the ice chest it works amazing! very impressed with it I got the 70qt because that is the size I use all the time. My big 110 igloo (replacement latches hinges) only gets used on long trips 1 or 2x a year so I could not justify that purchase.
  7. izquik72

    *Monster Goat in the Dirt* 2014 Antelope Hunt

    "Legend" very fitting for this tale. Congratulations on a super buck and a great experience.
  8. izquik72

    New World record typical?

    This might make it easier to see for those that do not have a FB account. Congratulations John McClendon on an AZ giant.
  9. izquik72

    A few big muleys

    Nice collection
  10. izquik72

    18 points for Elk

    I was in the same boat. I tried a rifle tag 1st then a archery tag. First time ever putting in for archery bull 18 points and I have an Elk tag and 2 weeks to hunt instead of 7days. Plus the bulls will not be as broken up.
  11. izquik72

    Video of AZ Super Raffle Bull

    Awesome video. Very clear great scenery shots the flashback was a great addition. A++ video A awesome bull was taken and the hunter seems extremely excited good job guys.
  12. izquik72

    scouting trip in NM

    Right on. Congrats all What is the white thing coming off the back of the bears mouth?
  13. izquik72

    Archery 10 buck in the dirt**updated more pix**

    Very cool, that buck has awesome Character, great hooks and all the gnarly bumps even match up. And Oh Yeah I have seen the video
  14. izquik72

    scouting trip in NM

    My hunting partners looks very similar to the one on the right.