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  1. CouesRanger

    Same Buck?

    Same buck for sure thats awesome
  2. CouesRanger

    Horn Huntin

  3. CouesRanger

    Anyone Buying?

    Contact bonecollecter777 from other post
  4. CouesRanger

    Want to buy

    I also have some sets to sell if interested
  5. CouesRanger

    Want to buy

    I also have some sets to sell if interested
  6. CouesRanger

    help needed

    Good luck man
  7. CouesRanger

    GET 'R' DONE

    Great buck I also think a pic of all the bucks would be a nice addition to the post!! Congrats
  8. CouesRanger

    2015 archery deer is in the books

    Congrats wall hanger for sure!! Can't thank our ladies enough!
  9. CouesRanger

    Archery deer help/hints near city of Maricopa

    Behind picacho peak
  10. Awesome congrats beautiful buck for sure!!
  11. CouesRanger

    2014 Rewind

    heck of a bull that was not in az was it
  12. CouesRanger

    first shed mulie

    I have found a few muley sheds before but that's a nice one congrats on a great first trip to 24.
  13. CouesRanger

    first shed mulie

    Wow I'm assuming you found that in 24b yesterday
  14. CouesRanger

    My First Elk

    Nice find congrats
  15. CouesRanger

    Elk decoy

    Go buy one
  16. CouesRanger

    Find the shed

    A new hobby shed caching!!
  17. CouesRanger

    A couple as they lay pics

    Went up to camp with the family last weekend and got out for a little stroll!! Nice fresh muley drop and an elk that was crushed by deadfall.
  18. CouesRanger

    A couple as they lay pics

    Pics up in a few
  19. CouesRanger

    5A Archery Bull hunt

    Good luck my buddies have my help during the archery hunt. Last year I met up with a member on here for his girlfriend's tag and we had a blast. Always good to meet new people and share experiences.
  20. CouesRanger

    Vortex Kaibab 15x56 hd

    A friend of mine is looking to sell his Vortex Kaibab 15x56 HD and a vortex tripod for 1000.00. Call or text if Interested 480-427-9427 Will lives out in Queen Creek
  21. CouesRanger

    Sold 9000 pounds of antler

    Thanks for the pictures bonecollector is makes me want to get out in the field even more. All of the drama on this post is ridiculous that guy totally busted in on your post. If I ever sell my sheds I will give you a call
  22. Absolutely rcgcu!! Colorado is a great beautiful state and you will have a wonderful trip. Keep us posted on the area your going to and how it all turns out! Good luck
  23. If you are interested in a guided hunt or drop camp option let me know. Have availability in two different units outside of steamboat and fort Collins
  24. CouesRanger

    A Beautiful Sunset (Updated Pics)

    Very cool thanks for the new pics. Awesome find
  25. CouesRanger

    spot the head

    Spot the shed