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    2023 Coues

    Way to go!

    What's the best week to hunt Northern Mexico?

    End of 3rd into 4th week of January

    Hatch Green Chili Source?? (EXTRA HOT / HOT)

    Bandido’s parking lot in Show Low…..roasting on the spot and selling.

    Antler Growth


    Antler Growth


    Want an OTC Private land Arizona elk hunt?

    I’m not quite sure what you’re asking?

    Want an OTC Private land Arizona elk hunt?

    Nice opportunity for folks, no doubt. However, whomever measurers your elk (first photo) needs some help. Talk about inflated numbers.

    Antler Growth


    Antler Growth

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    Antler Growth

  11. BOHNTR

    Antler Growth

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    Fire restrictions starting

    Sorry, but I believe the legal definition of ‘developed recreation site’ doesn’t support your definition? “Developed recreation sites and areas means sites and areas that contain structures or capital improvements primarily used by the public for recreation purposes. Such sites or areas may include such features as: Delineated spaces for parking, camping or boat launching; sanitary facilities; potable water; grills or fire rings; tables; or controlled access.” Source 43 CFR § 8360.0-5
  13. BOHNTR

    Rivers are Running!! Fill them lakes up

    They all look full to me.
  14. BOHNTR

    Purple stripes on trees - No Trespassing

    The trees with orange paint are those that are to remain. Any pine tree without paint gets cut.
  15. BOHNTR

    Archery Turkey

    My turn this morning. Called him and his hen in…..when he saw my decoy it was game over. One arrow at 18 yards was all it took.
  16. I was able to call this bird into bow range (20 yards) this morning for my adult son. One arrow did the trick for his first turkey. Good times.
  17. BOHNTR

    Son's Opening Morning Archery Gobbler

    Vortex American Archer
  18. BOHNTR

    Camping for turkey in unit 27 ideas

    You can camp A LOT of places right now. Many are relatively snow free just out of Alpine. Of course the higher stuff south of Hannagan will be tough to get into, as many roads are still impassable due to snow drifts. All that country from Alpine to Josh Ranch is good to go.
  19. BOHNTR

    Card Hits!

    It’s not supposed to yet…..man, lots of impatient people nowadays.
  20. BOHNTR

    Sick to my stomach!!!!!

    Not if you purchase them from your bank (which is what the original post indicated). I would not get them from Home Depot, grocery stores, etc., as they can be skimmed and used.
  21. BOHNTR

    Sick to my stomach!!!!!

    I have always purchased a pre-paid card from my bank just for draws. Never have to worry about fraud, and the amount $ on the card covers that particular draw. If I don’t draw, I simply use it as I would a normal card until it’s cashed out.
  22. BOHNTR

    Rivers are Running!! Fill them lakes up

    IMG_4410.MOV Canyon that feeds Scott Reservoir. It’s been running for a months now, albeit not to this level. The reservoir has been going over the spillway for four weeks, as well as Show Low Lake.
  23. BOHNTR

    Official scorer ?

    The service is free. If it makes the records program, the entry fee is $40. Go to the B&C website and click on ‘find a measurer’……click on Arizona. There will be a list of measurers there for you to choose/call. If you are up in the White Mountains anytime soon, I can measure it for him.
  24. BOHNTR


    Wife and I got lucky and arrowed two seconds apart. Both nice boars for Chorizo!