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    Misc items

    PM sent regarding the rifle
  2. flagstaff

    Sad news- Hoghunter

    Only met him one time. I met him at his house to pick up some ammo I bought from him about a month ago. Kids toys and stuff were on the porch. My “good guy O-meter” went off when I was there. I will pray for his family that they find peace and comfort.
  3. flagstaff


    Where are you located?
  4. Does the ammo come with it for the $550? thanks
  5. flagstaff

    This sounds familiar

    photographic proof on why men drink
  6. flagstaff

    FOUND: Swarovski Tripod Adapter

    Lost one north of Wupatki National Monument a few years ago
  7. flagstaff

    Very Curious....how many tags

    since 1979 (I think there was one year about 1982 I couldn't afford to apply): elk: 1986 rifle bull tag in 5BN 1993 rifle bull tag in 5BN 2000 archery bull tag in 10 2007 rifle bull tag in 9 2009 rifle bull tag in 9 2013 archery bull tag in 11M antelope: 2009 rifle antelope in 7
  8. flagstaff

    Draw Results Out

    Now I know who got my tag. Good luck, David Sorry David. Living here in Flagstaff, I know the area well. I hope to do you proud.
  9. flagstaff

    Draw Results Out

    11M archery bull September 13-26. 5 bonus points.
  10. flagstaff

    Mini 14

    I can hit a volleyball sized target at 100 yards say 8/10 times if I don't shoot in rapid succession. I am told you can have work done on the gun and bring it down to a softball size with the same 8/10 shots. Fun gun to own, that is for sure.
  11. flagstaff

    Unusual elk sighting

    I saw a dead cow elk on I-10 between Wilcox and Bowie. Couldn't believe it was an elk, so stpped to look at it and sure enough it was. That was back in 1993.
  12. flagstaff

    An interesting question for you all...

    I have spent quite a bunch of time in 6A. Quite a bunch. Lots of elk in the unit. Haven't seen that many 350" bulls compared to the amount of bulls I have seen (meaning percentage wise, the percentage of 350" bulls compared to the number of bulls is low). It is not a trpohy managed hunt unit like there are in some other units in this State (say for instance Unit 10). I would hope for a 350" bull, but I would be realistic with my expectations. If the right opportunity presents itself with a bull you would you would be satisfied with, I would wouldn't hesitate to shoot. There is much much more to having a "successful" hunt than the score of the animal. On some of my most "successful" hunts, I didn't come home with a score at all because I didn't take an animal. It is all about the enjoyment and memories and not the score. Hunt the entire hunt hoping for a 350" bull but enjoy and savor your hunt. It may be years before you draw another tag. Just my opinion.
  13. flagstaff

    2011 elk/Antelope tags

    I am going to be hunting TROPHY QUAIL!!!! Woohooo.......
  14. flagstaff

    hunting in patagoina

    Used to live in Tucson back 15-20 years ago.and hunted 35B quite a bit. Shot a 97" coues in the canyons southeast of Harshaw. Mearns were fun to hunt too - ore to the east of Harshaw. Haven't been down there in 15 years. I heard the illegal immigrant problem has worsened. Looked at buying property in Duschene (sp?) - liked the area but was worried about vandalism being I couldn't live there and the illegal problem (I lived and worked in Tucson).
  15. flagstaff

    Optic suggestions for upcoming elk hunt

    for budget numbers for $1000 bucks: $200 on a rifle scope (maybe look at Burris - decent quailty without spending big bucks) $100 on a tripod $400 on binos (maybe look at Nikon, Pentax, Burris or Minox - get around a 10 power) $300 on a spotting scope if you really think you need a spotting scope (I wouldn't - not for a cow hunt - you are not judging antlers or something) You'll spend 80% of your time looking through binoculars mounted on a tripod - spend your money there (again, maybe even spend the spotting scope budget on really good binos) Look at Ebay - lot of people selling their stuff because of the poor economy (I just bought a pair of Swarovki 7X42 SLC for $620 delivered) Just my 2 cents
  16. flagstaff

    They are up!!

    I about pissed my pants - after almost 27 years of applying, I finally drew an antelope tag here in Unit 7. Maximum bonus points down the shi___er, but I finally made it!!! Going out scouting again tomorrow - already been out several times these last few weeks. I don't think I will be able to sleep tonight....... And to top it off, I drew a Unit 9 general season bull tag too - 3 points well wasted. I was blessed. Sorry some of you weren't drawn - been there, done that, and it sucks.
  17. flagstaff

    AZ Muley Country

    18B? 10?
  18. flagstaff

    Bucks chasing does???

    I have seen whitetails does this same thing to other does. It was like they were playing tag or something. I didn't see anything disturbing them. And they did it for several minutes. Standing fairly still one moment, then chasing each other faster than heck seconds later. I am thinking it has been a long time since the last rut
  19. flagstaff

    Good Pair of 15x or 16x

    A tripod for a 15X power is about a must.
  20. flagstaff

    Noon Siesta or

    I stay out all day.
  21. flagstaff

    Good Pair of 15x or 16x

    Of the ones you list, I beleive Minox are the best. I have a pair of the 20X60 Pentax I no longer use if you are interested.
  22. flagstaff

    Bulls with Cows

    just got back from the north side of the Peaks - spotted 7 bulls in a bachelor group - no cows. Biggest bull was in the 360 range.
  23. flagstaff

    range finder

    Used to use the Leupold that did all you mantioned. I now use a Swarovski. I can't imagine ever needing a better one even if they invent one.