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  1. flagstaff

    Wtb older German Shorthair

    I think I just saw an ad in Craigslist here in Flagstaff for a male and female, 5 years old, for $1,000 if you are interested just passing it along
  2. flagstaff

    Need a storage shed transported

    I did pretty much the same thing except my shed was 9x13. Moved it from Queen Creek to Flagstaff back in 2013. My diesel truck got 4 MPG because of the wind load on the shed on the drive up to Flagstaff. Yep, red neck ingenuity. When I think back on how I did it, it still impresses me. And like you, never doing that again.
  3. flagstaff

    1991 Jeep YJ Wrangler

  4. flagstaff

    RV tank monitor and battery level system upgrade

    A buddy of mine who owns an RV shop said to use two 6 volt batteries wired together instead of one 12 volt deep cycle. When I asked why, he said when you plug your trailer into your truck, the voltage in the back of the truck typically is less than 12 volts so you are not really sending much power to charge the trailer batteries when plugged into your truck. it’s what he said. I figured he must know what he is talking about as he does it for a living
  5. flagstaff

    1991 Jeep YJ Wrangler

  6. flagstaff

    1991 Jeep YJ Wrangler

    I have a clean title, 4 cylinder, 5 speed manual transmission 1991 Jeep Wrangler for sale. Has a 9K Ramsey winch, 2 different soft tops, bikini top, slider windows, new battery, new 32” tires, 116K miles - some of them from being flat towed, tow bar, 3-1/2” Fabtech lift, new exhaust system. Runs great. Good body. No rust. I bought it in 2011 from a guy in Safford. It had 93K miles on it when I bought it. Has offset rims and wider fender flares for total tire coverage. I’ve done a lot of work on it. Just don’t drive it anymore. Think I’ve only driven it about 400 miles the last 2 years. It’s currently in Mesa. Asking $7,800.00
  7. flagstaff

    22 ammo

    Class act dude good on you
  8. flagstaff

    Misc items

    PM sent regarding the rifle
  9. flagstaff

    Sad news- Hoghunter

    Only met him one time. I met him at his house to pick up some ammo I bought from him about a month ago. Kids toys and stuff were on the porch. My “good guy O-meter” went off when I was there. I will pray for his family that they find peace and comfort.
  10. flagstaff


    Where are you located?
  11. Does the ammo come with it for the $550? thanks
  12. flagstaff

    This sounds familiar

    photographic proof on why men drink
  13. flagstaff

    FOUND: Swarovski Tripod Adapter

    Lost one north of Wupatki National Monument a few years ago
  14. flagstaff

    Very Curious....how many tags

    since 1979 (I think there was one year about 1982 I couldn't afford to apply): elk: 1986 rifle bull tag in 5BN 1993 rifle bull tag in 5BN 2000 archery bull tag in 10 2007 rifle bull tag in 9 2009 rifle bull tag in 9 2013 archery bull tag in 11M antelope: 2009 rifle antelope in 7