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  1. nighthawk

    Sightron Siii 6-24x50 sold

    It’s probably the moa2 ret as it has exposed turrets. If it makes it to me I’ll be 4th love my sightrons!
  2. nighthawk

    6mm Creedmoor Ammo

    I kinda feel like I need this haha
  3. nighthawk

    Powder and bullets

  4. nighthawk


    Do u know what size the bunk beds are?
  5. nighthawk

    Powder and bullets

    Updated . Only the 8lb h335 and 6mm 103eldx are left. Thanks
  6. nighthawk


    How much drywall are we talking?
  7. nighthawk

    Powder and bullets

    H4198spf longshot spf bullseye spf
  8. nighthawk

    Powder and bullets

    220eldx SPF
  9. nighthawk

    Powder and bullets

    I have 8lb h335 $240 Sold***2lbs longshot $35 each Sold***1lb bullseye $40 Sold***1lb h4198 $40 Sold***2 Hornady 30cal 220eldx $45 each 1 Hornady 6mm 103eldx $45 all products new and never opened . Just don’t have the need for them. will sell or trade for small rifle primers . Thank you!
  10. nighthawk


    I have a couple more of these to add onto his two if you want .
  11. nighthawk

    Coues drawings

    Nice job man looks great!
  12. nighthawk

    6mm creedmoor Ruger RPR price dropped

    What was ur load data on those with those 115?
  13. nighthawk

    Brass quality question

    I’m on my 6 or 7th reload on my 300rum RP brass. Mild load and neck size with bumped shoulder at 6th reload. Still looks and works great
  14. nighthawk

    Looking for pistol primers

    Road Trip anyone lol
  15. nighthawk

    WTB .243 nosler ballistic tips

    I have a box of 103eldx don’t know if that would work for you .