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    Coues deer hunting, love hunting the grey ghost
  1. nighthawk

    RTIC coolers

    Desert bull is the real MVP
  2. nighthawk

    BBQ Smoker For Sale

    Thank you sir pleasure meeting you!!
  3. nighthawk

    BBQ Smoker For Sale

    I want it !
  4. 😍😍😍 I want one but don't have the green 😔
  5. nighthawk

    7mm RUM brass

    Great deal. Anyone with 300rum could neck these up if in s pinch. I did 50 7rum up to 300rum only cracked one case. Just my 2cents
  6. nighthawk

    1997 4Runner For Sale

    Kinda feel like we got 🍯🍆 haha. Hope someone got this runner I love mine:)
  7. nighthawk

    1997 4Runner For Sale

    If it's a 3.0 3rd gen u got the only one:))
  8. nighthawk

    1997 4Runner For Sale

    Pm you as well with my number
  9. nighthawk

    1997 4Runner For Sale

    Where u located in Mesa?
  10. nighthawk

    Blew the motor in 1999 Yukon need advice

    Buy a Toyota
  11. nighthawk

    10'x20' garage type canopy

    5guys where u located at?
  12. nighthawk

    2008 Tacoma Head Replacement

    Great info and know I know who to call if I need to do the same 😬
  13. nighthawk

    Toyota Mechanic ???

    So during the swap of rack and pinion on my 98 4Runner I ran into problem with middle bushing not lining up. I bought the heavy duty poly urethane bushing with replacement rack and they are thicker then factory ones. Therefore I can't get the middle not in and I'm frustrated! I tried going from bottom no go. Any help would be much appreciated!! Brett
  14. nighthawk

    1985 Toyota 4Runner

    👊 one of my dream wheeling rigs:))
  15. nighthawk

    BFG 17" 265/70 set of 4

    Man that's a great deal someone needs to hop on that. No more taco Mike what now?