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    Coues deer hunting, love hunting the grey ghost
  1. nighthawk

    Coleman pop up SOLD

    Hey brother I’ll take it where u located
  2. nighthawk

    RTIC coolers

    Desert bull is the real MVP
  3. nighthawk

    BBQ Smoker For Sale

    Thank you sir pleasure meeting you!!
  4. nighthawk

    BBQ Smoker For Sale

    I want it !
  5. 😍😍😍 I want one but don't have the green 😔
  6. nighthawk

    7mm RUM brass

    Great deal. Anyone with 300rum could neck these up if in s pinch. I did 50 7rum up to 300rum only cracked one case. Just my 2cents
  7. nighthawk

    1997 4Runner For Sale

    Kinda feel like we got 🍯🍆 haha. Hope someone got this runner I love mine:)
  8. nighthawk

    1997 4Runner For Sale

    If it's a 3.0 3rd gen u got the only one:))
  9. nighthawk

    1997 4Runner For Sale

    Pm you as well with my number
  10. nighthawk

    1997 4Runner For Sale

    Where u located in Mesa?
  11. nighthawk

    Blew the motor in 1999 Yukon need advice

    Buy a Toyota
  12. nighthawk

    10'x20' garage type canopy

    5guys where u located at?
  13. nighthawk

    2008 Tacoma Head Replacement

    Great info and know I know who to call if I need to do the same 😬
  14. nighthawk

    Toyota Mechanic ???

    So during the swap of rack and pinion on my 98 4Runner I ran into problem with middle bushing not lining up. I bought the heavy duty poly urethane bushing with replacement rack and they are thicker then factory ones. Therefore I can't get the middle not in and I'm frustrated! I tried going from bottom no go. Any help would be much appreciated!! Brett
  15. nighthawk

    1985 Toyota 4Runner

    👊 one of my dream wheeling rigs:))