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  1. nighthawk

    Knives of Alaska caping knife-sold

    Great knife !! I have had mine for years it is awesome!
  2. nighthawk

    62 grain hornady 223 bullets for reloading.

    How much per K?
  3. nighthawk

    WTB 6.5 PRC Dies

    https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1011077269?pid=400641 If you want to full size not neck size.
  4. nighthawk

    WTB 6.5 PRC Dies

  5. nighthawk

    WTB 6.5 PRC Dies

    I think I saw some at Healy arms not long ago. But been couple weeks I think but worth a phone call .
  6. I’ll take it if not spoken for
  7. nighthawk

    26" 1:9.4" .338 Proof Sendero CF

    If this was .308 I’d be all over it
  8. nighthawk

    .22 LR Savage 64

    My kids can use it for that .. I’ll take it
  9. nighthawk

    H4831sc -No nonger- in Stock at MidwayUSA

    Well you got some that’s a good feeling ! Nice to see the stuff popping up here and there !
  10. nighthawk

    H4831sc -No nonger- in Stock at MidwayUSA

    How much was it with shipping and haz for the two?
  11. nighthawk

    6.5 CM brass

    dang this is a big flex on all the people looking for the 143eldx 😂. Hornady is good brass imo my 22-250 likes them. GLWS
  12. nighthawk

    5.56 ammo $700.00 per 1000 rounds

    Not bad price. Sportsman’s had the federal bulk for $750 per k
  13. nighthawk


    NM brother I realized your in dewy . Cancel me on the 277 bullets
  14. nighthawk


    I’ll take the two 277 accubonds
  15. nighthawk

    Hornady microjust seating stem

    Hey also check the cal ranch in Casa grande . That’s where I was able to get my hornady shell plates