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  1. Never used, too much grill for my style of camping. Perfect for toyhailer/trailer crowd. Far west valley , could meet at Cabelas $140
  2. rugerman

    Youth 243

    pm sent
  3. rugerman

    Camping Stoves and Grills

    I will take the flame king rv grill. Pm sent
  4. rugerman

    2017 Sheep report

    Thanks I appreciate the reply
  5. rugerman

    2017 Sheep report

    Anyone know if the 2017 report is out yet? If you have it could you share? Thanks
  6. rugerman

    My Desert Sheep Scouting

    Very nice Congratulations!
  7. rugerman

    My 44BN ram

    Congratulations! Great ram
  8. rugerman

    Quartering towards....rifle

    Hopefully you are in a multiple bag limit unit since you state you already shot one this year?
  9. rugerman

    sheep mount

    My wife and kids think I'm nuts for just staring at it from every angle. My dog is very worried he's next on the wall. Chris Krueger did the work and I think he did a great job. Best of luck this year!
  10. rugerman

    rifle/pistol for sale

    thanks for the trip down memory lane. I never did warm up to the fat grip on that Para from the double stack mags. I did like that Browning though and killed my first coues with it. Still have the scope and still love it
  11. rugerman

    The new boarder wall

    This post is to confirm that did in fact sell HOGHNTR a beautiful model 77 Hawkeye in .270 a couple of years ago. Whatever the rest of that is all about is for you all to sort out. Good luck
  12. rugerman

    Ruger #1 RSI

    I doubt you'll ever get that RSI to shoot. If you know anyone that likes Rugers (relatives etc) I'd try to dump it on them
  13. rugerman